Therapist & Lawyer react to Rain City Drive

Maybe it’s the recovering addict in me, but I thought the five lines he was referring to were lines of cocaine

Sometimes Your The Hammer Sometimes Your The Nail is a good one on being lonely and being a better person.

Citizen Soldier - Reason To Live i was wondering if you could do a reaction please they have the best message i think i have ever heard and you mite be able to reate as well

You need to react to their song “Frozen”

You should absolutely do some plot in you reactions, landons writing is unparalleled

Mindfield by Crucifix…

This is one of my favorite songs atm i can 100% relate and the way she explains the meaning in the song is amazing! I need me a sweet girl like her haha!

Great video concept but you need to tighten it up a bit in editing. I think this would have been better as 15min.