Therapist looks from the Outside by Staind

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics to Outside by Staind to discuss the power of seeing someone’s ugliness. This song is an epiphany moment, where you take the other person down off of their pedestal and see that they are human and have brokenness too, this realization offers the possibility for connection.


I love this song!!!..

This song never fails to make me ball my eyes out.

I love this song
Now pls react to Dig It by BMTH

Funny I was going to suggest you react Staind’s - Epiphany next

Alice and chains please!!

It’s funny you mentioned epiphany. They wrote a song called that.

Staind has a ton of great songs to analyze. Theyre such a great band. New stuff is fantastic as well.

I’ve been listening to this song since high school…I just turned 41. This album was the soundtrack to several years of my life. Toxic relationships suck.

Hello there my as always favorite therapist. I hope ur day is going wonderful. Thanks again for another great video. So I was hoping for my 9th sober birthday if u could react to Fear Campaign by my favorite metal band Fear Factory. It would be awesome. Plus I think Fear is a major motivation in all of our lives. Thanks as always

Epiphany is another song of theirs that would be good to analyze

can you do bother by stone sour ?

This song can be so deep …!

I think it would be interesting to see your reaction to MudShovel by Staind. It goes darker and harder.

Staind songs are really ones you should be listening to live to actually hear the emotion and pain

You should check out Imminence, The Black. The harsh vocals of Eddie Berg combined with his violin is magic and emotional. I just saw them live, and he pours it out on every song, including screaming into the pickups on his violin.

Most of staind is sad, but react to"not again" it’s more upbeat and he’s very angry in it. My favorite staind song. I’m going through a bad time in my life and you help me every time you post a video. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

More ren please I love your reactions and there are so many more songs please react to money game part 3 but all of the money games are incredible

Staind is a whole rabbit hole for break ups and toxic relationships. Many times in life in my youth Stained helped tremendously to let the tears flow and release the pain.
I have a huge man crush on Aaron Lewis, not in a secual way. Man’s voice is like smooth creamy caramel that just hits the soul different.

This song is my #2 all time favorite song (right behind Stone Sour - Bother) The live acoustic version of this song is sooooo much better and you can feel the emotion in the lyrics much more. He also does a live acoustic cover of Pearl Jam - Black (my #3 favorite song) that is amazing!!