Therapist looks from the Outside by Staind

Please react to stains " something to remind you" please.

Seen them and seether in concert last month he’s better than ever.
Best concert I’ve ever been to hands down

Check out the live version of " Something to remind you" from them…

Aaron is a really somber person. In general doesn’t say much, doesn’t make huge displays on stage and what not. So it’s interesting you mention giving them a hug. Because that how Aaron seems in general.

You should dive into some of Aaron Lewis’ more recent solo stuff. Songs like “Lost and Lonely,” or “Vicious Circles,” or “Forever” are pretty deep songs and its a whole different side of him from when he was with Staind

The Family Values Tour 1999 - Wikipedia The live performance at the “Fam Values Tour” is what propelled Staind to stardom.

Incredible song writer. That guy is a monster.

I understand this song well I just got out of a toxic relationship but I still love her

the original version is way better!!!

I feel a song that you should react to is Machine Head- Imperium.

This is one of those immortal songs because it was crafted, start-to-finish, with purpose.

Aaron Lewis is from my neck of the woods

It seems I wasn’t the only one to notice how often she mentioned the word epiphany :sweat_smile:. It should definitely be on her list.:grinning:

Clicked for Staind, got a surprise Warhammer clip. Heck yeah!

Surprised you didn’t go with the live performance, with Fred Durst and Aaron Lewis

this song sounds better nowdays live than when it first came out. just saw them a month ago. fucking amazing

You should look up the song Noose by A Perfect Circle

Being seasoned but not becoming callist the weathering is what makes us who we are.

I love stained!!!..

Thank you for reacting to this song, Therapist (don’t know your name)

It is the song that kept me alive for years, or rather my thoughts and feelings that I felt listening to it or repeat for months and months