Therapist Reacts - Gangrene by PhaseOne Ft. RedHook

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Our very own Taylor is a therapist. She also loves music. So we thought let’s take both of those things and start a therapist reacts series!

In this video Taylor is reacting to the new song Gangrene by PhaseOne and Redhook!

  • What is a negative thought you’ve had lately?
  • Have you experienced the end of a relationship?

love to see electronic music combining with metal and rock more recently

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you explained it beatifully! for me i think 3 last phaseone unfd songs are about relationships - gangrene imo is about a relationship in which mc of lyrics (?) is leaving relationship that hurts them (first verse, What was perfection is now a rotting limb; In spite of all we had before), eyes wide shut - about a toxic relationship, world unknown - about healing after a toxic relationship, trying to get back to state before relationship.

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