Therapist reacts to a 45 by Shinedown

Im 29 now pretty sure i first heard this song around 13 or 14…is it bad i still just got chills from it?

You should react to the crow and the butterfly

I know u heard these songs perfect
Stopped. You should be ashamed.
Using suicide
To get likes

Back in February, I was in a dark head space…messaged a friend…asked him to hold something for me…he said yes without hesitation or asking what I wanted him to take…it was my range bag…with my .45 1911…so yeah this song gets me

This has nothing to do with a gun. Do your research

Gotta do how did you love

You should also react to Better Than Me by Hinder.

i feel like this…

If you haven’t yet, you should check out Citizen Soldier’s music.

I have been listening to this song since it came out almost 30 years ago, and never really paid attention to the story, but after watching your reaction I am going back down the Shinedown Playlists. They are all about mental health, but I never honestly dug deep into the song lyrics. Great reaction!!!

I’m going to be honest here. I could not finish this video. You got the ending of the song so wrong, you were right about the anger of the situation, but you were wrong about the overall feeling… he was sad. Angry at the situation but so sad that this was what he thought was right and doesn’t know what other answer there was. I personally have lost two of my friends to suicide, and have been there myself but couldn’t do it since i had and still have my own family depending on me. I look back and still can’t do it and am ashamed i even tried or thought about it, but I just didn’t know what to do. I had lost my purpose and felt like a failure. Which is what the song is really getting at, the feeling of failure and not knowing how to continue.

Think if you delt with that pain since you were 5

Think of others inked of one

I couldn’t make anyone deal with the mess.

A great example of a ‘licensed’ therapist that you might find on the fraud that is betterhelp. Reacting to emotion with emotion helps no one.

Some1 Elses America…

I’ve always loved this song but it hits completely different after I tried to end my life last month