Therapist reacts to BOYB by System of a Down

Party on taylor! :tada::smiley::tada:

I want to see you dance to these songs live in a concert lol

The vibe switch groove is so relatable

I thought it was referring to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and the lies the government told to the population . “Yet you feed us lies from the table cloth”

I’m baffled that someone who is a therapist doesn’t pick up the brutally obvious and icky “vibe” - as it’s called here - which is a blaring example of acidic sarcasm, and almost positively just points out the airheaded nationalistic sheep.

I can’t hear a single note of “feelgood” in this song. Smiling throughout that part feels unbelievably out of place.

This came out during our invasion of Iraq. That’s the subject matter. The opening scream “Why do they always send the poor?” is all about how wars are started by the wealthy and powerful but fought by the poor and powerless. The party section is how blissfully ignorant the public is, largely, about this power dynamic.

There was nothing suddenly in here,seorius