Therapist reacts to BOYB by System of a Down

Trying to force a psychological perspective on this takes away from and mitigates the intended message. It sucks when people can’t just accept that there is an intended and correct meaning behind something and need to make it theirs by forcing their twisted version of it into a conversation about it. It’s close to part of what this song is even about, distractions from the real situation, covering the truth with a convenient interpretation.

Most of SOAD is about the government being corrupt and essentially calling out the government.
“You depend on our protection” military and army’s.
“Yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth” essentially saying that soldiers and military personnel are being lied to or being taken advantage of. Military perks aren’t the best and the military really fucks people up. My dad and my moms close coworker talk about it all the time because the government is so fucked up. SOAD called out the government and the government decided they weren’t allowed to tour anymore.

If you watch TV today you will see that they feed us lies while we sit at the table and watch

the party is all the allied forces having fun in the desert blowing shit up. Its sacred land for the people and wars destroy.
Its about Armenia where all the band members are from, its the wars that have ravaged the middle east, its anti war.

Distractions after Distraction

“Everyone is at a party and you’re not really seeing what’s going on”

Everyone in the military at that time:…yeah, something like that.