Therapist reacts to Breaks Stuff by Limp Bizkit

My younger brother introduced me to these guys in 98 by playing Faith from Three Dollar Bill. I was hooked

Yup, that’s Fred. Destroyed inside.
Also, that was me. Didn’t know how to express sadness and pain, so it went to anger.
Or being listened to when you actually dare to speak up.

I would recommend reacting to Boiler from Limp Bizkit.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yo…it was just a bad day, man.

Listen to their song Boiler! Would love to see it on this channel.

Pauly Shore was definitely the star of the video!

Thanks for keeping me surprised…you choose the explicit version, I thought youd be partying without any restriction, but nooooo: you still managed to take it apart psychologicaly, and you gave really helpfull adivce to those who aint in psychology and thearapy for years. Keep it up and…thank you (:

I love this song it expresses so many different feelings in one song and it’s great because there is a lot of days like this

This song keeps me from going postal. Plus it fires me up.

You should watch them perform this live at Woodstock 99… absolute chaos. It was the last performance because the crowd started tearing the place apart… literally.

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Why you have multiple camera andgles and ok looking mic, but your sound quality sounds like shit?

Back in 2005, Iraq, this was the song to blast right before rolling out the wire.

From the age of four i started blowing up all the time. In and out of prison, fighting with police, fighting when out and about, fighting everyone. I was diagnosed with a split personality disorder thirty eight years ago. Tried suicide many times, not least trying to get police to kill me. Once they cuffed my hands behind my back and my ankles together, pulled my head up while i was on my stomach and kicked my head in like it was a football. I woke up stuck to a cell floor in my own blood, i was just nineteen. When i was about fourty i had a flashback, a memory buried in my subconscious, I was sexually abused when i was just four, too young to explain but knowing it was not right even at that young an age. I buried it deep and went on a rampage never remembering why. I am fifty four now, fifty years of torture both physical and mental and it’s still going on. I try so hard to control my rage, i just can’t stop turning into a scared four year young boy in my mind even though i am now fifty four. I never meant to hurt anyone and my life has been ruined by fighting. Nine years ago my nephew who idolised me was murdered. He was supposed to come and stay with me but i had a fight with my other sisters boyfriend and my nephew decided not to come and stay with me. What’s more i had a dream i got stabbed in the back and i lay down in an old garage, i woke myself up saying if you go to sleep you will die, it stayed with me for years after, but alas it was not me at all, it was my nephew i watched die in my dream, i wish it was me.

The lines “everything’s fucked, everybody sucks” leads me to feel he’s not doing well…


Really helped. Thank you.

imagine being a American therapist and not knowing break stuff… the song that tore down woodstock '99.
i mean, this song made over 200k people lose their minds and wreck the entire stage, due to hunger and thirst.
Please go back to school

Ok after the Jinjer reaction and this… Your editor is goat! Hamster with the backtrack villian/antagonist sound had me dying!

Well, the song is about what many people feel like, and music, especially metal, is a kind of valve to release these feelings in a good way, may it be just listen to the music or in the middle of a concert, right in the middle of a moshpit. :grin: There was a time in my life, I felt exactly the way as described in the song. And the 2 things that prevented me going on a rampage were my beloved wife and metal concerts.

My life’s theme song, gen x don’t give a damn, never have