Therapist reacts to Breaks Stuff by Limp Bizkit

People really messed him up by blaming him for the Woodstock’99 calamity. He just did a song other people raged and destroyed and raped. Not him.

Sometimes it’s just a fun song. I get that there are underlying meetings, but back in our day sometimes we just like to release.

React to peep please he constantly says how he doesn’t wanna wake up and he’s gonna die alone in his room

not related to the song but i used to have a hamster named Peepi from Inzader Zim. He would always find a way to escape his cage and would be found scratching inside the bathtub every morning where we’d find him.

Snoops everywhere…

Honestly? I experience SI everyday, and I HATE being asked all the questions by MH professionals. I lose patience with that BS.

THAT IS FUCKING AMAZING. Sticks and stone will break your bones but chainsaws will kill you from a creepy kid on a swing. That is the essence of Halloween. I love it.

If it’s one of those days I don’t believe in letting that destructive instinct out. Even if I had a punching bag I don’t think is a healthy release of those feelings. I don’t want to “reward” those feelings with actions. I don’t think that would help. My release is listening to songs like this.

1:36. Snoop.
3:05. Dr. Dre.
3:14. Eminem.
3:29. Jonathan Davis the lead singer in Korn.

Haven’t watched your video on this song but Break Stuff is pretty straight forward. Doesn’t need be analyzed. And have to say this, my ex girlfriend was a therapist and gotta say lord have mercy therapist give best f’kn bj’s !!! She took her time and really performed to my needs. I bet this therapist can too.

Unfortunately the internal strife is caused by external people quite often.

Watch the movie falling down.Its more like that.A person hits their limit with the crap fest that is life and one more stupid person and the fuse is lit.

Hey ya’ll, don’t act like back in 2000 you weren’t bopping your head to this song and hitting a rage climax when the breakdown finishes with…”Break your f’kin face tonight!

You should do rearranged and out of style

This awesome when you’re in the crowd, saw them 2 weeks ago and still brilliant.

You should react to Rearrange by Limp Bizkit

in the 90’s we had bands like this, instead of therapists lol. these days i have both! ROFL

Ive always listened to this song as loud as possible on the days that are just the worst ever! Always makes me feel better haha

There is a place called the crash house where you can pay to break things with anything, bats, hammers, whatever works for you. I’ve heard it helps people relieve stress. They take donations too…thats the real funny part.

DRE, EMINEM AND Jonathan Davis were on there as well. Also Korn helped Limp Bizkit start. You should check ut the album three dollar bill ya’ll