Therapist reacts to Breaks Stuff by Limp Bizkit

the thing thats actually cute is you censor yourself on a uncensored video :smiley: haha i love it.

listened to this song a lot when i was a teen whenever i was angry to let out my frustrations without actually breaking anything (did enough of that breaking console controllers) better about those things these days as an adult, but growing up staind, limp bizkit, korn, linkin park, everclear, among others hit almost everything i was goin through, not everything they sung about but enough to have that release in a non-destructive way

This song is played when I’m in a really bad mod, and angry. Just the shear aggression that the song packs, and you can release your aggression when dancing around at home.

To me, this song is about being fed up with the BS in society and people talking shit about you and you get to the point you snap, but never had a Suicidal Tendencies. ( another band you should react to Suicidal Tendencies)

Need to react to Amigo The Devil Another Man’s Grave

You should react to the amity affliction- soak me in bleach

it’s called friction, love your videos, long time mental patient here

I would like to suggest a new band of 3 sisters from Mexico. They are called The Warning. Their song called Evolve could be therapeutic for many sisters. Also, Choke is another good one. Their discography has many that you might enjoy breaking down.

Its just one of those days man

Is it possible you may be over analyzing? One of those days when you don’t to wake up… I had a rough day at work yesterday. So today, I took a personal day and avoided it all. To me, that’s what he’s referring to. We all have those days, where we simply don’t want to. At all. Not sure that translates to being suicidal. I know for me it doesn’t.

I still love Limp Biskit

That was a great clap btw

If you’re a therapist who used to be on a ‘water ski team’ then this song isn’t for you.

I actually appreciate this. I learned alot from her. She is definitely good at her job and her job is not an easy one. I could really use an ear like her some days. I really appreciate her Up lifting and understanding of the internal pain.

i feel like this woman would herself need to talk to a therapist after a session with me :rofl:

I can see here what you say can be true for some people however I think this song strikes more of a chord with the people who aren’t able to find satisfaction in their lives. It is especially true during the transition from adolescence into adulthood. You work long hours, make little money, you boss is a dick, everything is expensive which leads to the getting credit and you repeat this process seemingly digging a deeper hole. The music environment was pop, grunge, or country and most people were sick of those choices. We were angry, frustrated, annoyed, and dissatisfied with how our lives turned out and the view looking into our future. We didn’t actually want to fight but we felt that way inside and we were able to use a song like this to positively blow off some steam. Sadly believe that this song rings more true in todays generation then when it came out. More pressures have been dumped on the newer generations along with the extra complications caused by other things like social media and devices.

Sadly Limp Bizkit is blamed for what happened at Woodstock 99 when there were much larger issues caused by the promotion company which ultimately lead to the final event. Yes Limp Bizkit was onstage, yes they played this song and the riot broke out during it however if all the other “issues” didn’t happen would this song have incited violence? Watch the documentary and make your own decision.

OK, so I’m turning 40 this year and eversince this song came out (I was what? 15-16?) when I’m having a bad day, this is the song I listen to. You just can’t beat it, it sums up so perfectly when you want everyone to piss off HAHHAHAA the best! Until now I could not find a better song for these days…and it helps release steam so well! I don’t even know how other people would not wanna use this song for the same. :'D The other song I listen to is Duality from Slipknot.

Hahaha. Millions feel this. Your analysis is comedy to me. Thanks for the video

:-/ can you do more extreme metal and not all this nu- metal rap rock stuff…
I dug your Tool videos though

Every time i see her I smile. Could this be love??:heart_eyes:

I love Limp Bizkit, sucha vibe❤ I think its just one funass song lol