Therapist reacts to Breaks Stuff by Limp Bizkit

nah girl not want to wake up is not necessarily suicidal related, is more about exhaustion at very high level trust me i experience it every day

this song he just made up when he was in a good mood he did not have those dark thoughts this song was and still today was to be a badass song to listen to

Watch this at Woodstock 99. Epic.

Have to disagree with much of what u said. Just because someone wants to break stuff it does not mean that they want the outside to match the inside.

More likely than not the issue is on the outside as society has become more more restrictive causing many to want to break out of those restrictions. Breaking stuff and fighting allows an outlet for emotions, when that outlet is prevented is the main cause behind mass violence against others.

Decades ago fist fights in school was detention now its suspension with law enforcement involvement. Mass violence has corresponded with the restriction not allowing, teaching the young on how to coup with those emotions.

However this is the female perspective which is the main cause behind the collapse we see in society today. Females r driven by emotions and it’s the why behind political correctness, cancel culture, wokeness and much of the other negative movement having a negative impact on society:

Break Stuff, best release ever.

You should really watch all in the family

This was my theme song long ago when I was dealing with a narcissistic child. But they are out of my life now. Still love this song!

Now do " behind blue eyes"

LMAO Fred or Richie, you see this? Lololol. Just one of those dayssss

Yo have to react shoots and ladders by Korn… You will love it!!..

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REQUEST: Wrong Side Of Heaven - Five Finger Death Punch

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Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive

Love your shirt, girl!..

Mr. Biscuit. I’m calling him that from now on.

Thx for the free therapy. Fun reaction.

Not sure if this is the right song or not but one of the songs was his reaction he witnessed violence in the mosh pit a guy assaulted another guy and victimized that person and the public wanted his reaction to the violence he witnessed so he did what in the music world call diss tracked that guy who assaulted the other guy cause in truth Fred durst is dressing up and acting a character of the same kind of kids that tormented him in school grade school and high school that is in every interview that Fred durst say but again not sure this is the right song I just know at least one of those song was with that story🤷🏼‍♂️

Limp biscuit was the shit until they’re heads got to big!!?

If you really want a song that is depression put to words and music, then react to “Promised Land” by the band Queensryche.

on the bright side the brick wall can’t look in your windows.