Therapist reacts to Change by Deftones

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of this song from the point of view of the fly, and encourages individuals who feel like they have been trapped in abusive relationships to remember that it is not their fault that they are trapped here. It’s a gradual shift, and if it weren’t it likely wouldn’t have happened.


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First one here! Super excited for you to react to Deftones! You should react to their song Beauty School next!

Digital bath is also a great song by deftones

Deftones has a track with Maynard James Keenan of Tool called Passenger. It’s about doing dirty things in cars. It’s very cool and fun and sexy and all that good stuff.

Deftones changed the way i look at music when i was a young teenager with this song

Please react to All Fucked Up Amity Affliction and Loti Eidola.


Nuff said.

Love it, keep up the good work with everything.

You nailed the meaning of the song on the first try wtf lol

You have to do Rosemary!.

This is signature Deftones sound, thank you Chino for vocals with so much emotion but completely outside of the norm for early 2000s.

Deftones is one of those bands that has some pretty ambiguous lyrics that you can interpret different ways depending on your perspective. I love it.

Thanks for your vision of the lyrics song. :heart: Greetings from Colombia

Cut off the ending of the song….uugh

Deftones Be Quiet And Drive

Whenever I listen to Cherry Waves or Rosemary I feel exactly like that scene in Breaking Bad where Jessie tries heroin for the first time

React to Unto Others - Heroin…it’s damn good

Type o negative Anesthesia please!

I’m not gonna lie… I’ve never thought this song actually means anything, but this is interesting, thanks.
btw… I like your hoodie

It’s not about drugs, it’s because of drugs, don’t try to understand the song, even Chino doesn’t know what he’s exactly singing about. It’s just moody.

Deftones were kind of one of those story telling bands that only gave you snippets of the story. Not exactly a concept album approach but much of it is laid across several tracks to give a feeling.

Fragile Dreams by Anathema is a good relationship song. More a 90s prog metal with folk vibe. My Dying Bride also did some interesting lyrics on Evinta. I like In Your Dark Pavilion but have no idea what its about. They’re a metal band that went operatic. Type O Negative is another you could look at - similar to Deftones he’s not the good guy and is selfaware of it.