Therapist reacts to Change by Deftones

You might have a nice time analyzing music videos from Finch. One such a track would be Bitemarks and Bloodstains. Alternatively, check out Evil Thoughts by Foxy Shazam

It’s about cocain and divorce

You would love the Queen of thr damned sound track

This song is a complex work that explores themes of transformation and loss of innocence. The lyrics use the metamorphosis of a person into a fly as a powerful metaphor for change, possibly towards something darker and less human.

Can you do Máscara next from them?
Its an nice song with strong lyrics

Moreno: “It’s a metaphorical song. You could take it in the literal sense of me watching someone turn into a fly and taking them home with me and pulling of their wings and laughing. It spawns from me being a complete a–hole and getting the complete repercussion for it by having my life taken away.”

Deftones Tool and Radiohead are among my top favorite artists im so glad youre giving your perspective on some of their songs. Can you please do Digital Bath by Deftones

the album is called “white pony”

it’s an album about drugs. :slight_smile:

Epic Deftones :heart::heart::heart::heart:

It’s about my step daughter :cry:

It’s a song about pain. About being on a path that was drug influenced and stuck. Knowing God is the way out but too deep in the sh!t to see that we can be reborn.

loved it, because the few hours of analysis after… (thanks for it)

Deftones - hole in the earth.

Chevelle-the red…

Cheno Moreno’s vocals always give me chills. He’s one of the best in the business.

I feel like the lyric ‘I give you the lung… blow me away’ is the most important lyric in the song. As in, after all the negative change, he gives them the power to get rid of them.

I first heard this from a DBZ movie back in the late 90s/early 2000s when they used to replace the music lol

You have gotta do Rocket Skates

Deftones don’t make bad songs. White pony is a masterpiece

For me its being used an taken for everything you have an then left alone. Or being the user an taker an then moving on after u get what u want.