Therapist reacts to Change by Deftones

Glass can be another name for meth

My choice from a lyrical standpoint from this song would be help, by sunk loto. Not a lot of lyrics to the song (similarly) but has depth.
Maybe an obscure addition as an Aussie band

Late to the party but I am loving this channel!

Really love your channel, I’ve watched most of your vids and your perspectives our amazing. Since you like Maynard he does a Deftones Song Called Passenger. You should do a video for it. More Deftones vids :slight_smile:

ok, i may have a new favorite reactor lol. That face! lol

Putting someone on the glass is snorting drugs

This is my interpretation:

It’s sort of a really nihilistic take on the metaphor of someone metamorphising into a butterfly, something much better and more beautiful than what you once were. But in this case, the person (the woman in the relationship) can’t turn into a beautiful butterfly - the best she can manage is a mere fly. She never had wings before, but even as just a dirty, simple fly, at least she feels so alive. Just barely rising above the filth and depravity of whatever her life once was. But the narrator takes her home, puts her on the glass, pulls off her wings, and laughs. He is cruel, and offended by her rising above the worm-level life he was living with her, so he tortures her and pulls her wings off to pull her back down to his level. He rejects being christ-like ("I look at the cross, then looks away), and chooses the path of pettiness and cruelty. The end just repeats “I, I, I” over and over again…he doesn’t care about her, everything that happens is about how HE feels.

To me the song is about acknowledging his own pettiness and cruelty. It’s pretty dark, but I think there is value in songs like this that explore things in this way rather than more typical relationship songs that cast the other person as the villain. Maybe the narrator is just depressed and isn’t really the cause of the woman’s inability to evolve and escape her miserable life, but maybe he is truly a manipulative abuser and is owning up to that with this confession.

You had a very good interpretation for a first time listener. I spent some time digging and found an old interview with Chino saying this song was about him basically being toxic to a person he cared for deeply which makes me believe this is about his ex wife. He didn’t want to be with her but didn’t want her to leave. He was in the pits of addiction and was blinded by that.

No one can pull off the Magestic Vocality quite like the one and only…
…Chino Moreno.

      God Bless the Deftones.....

…they saved my life…
…in more ways than a few.

More Deftones please…

Deftones are my fav band, they are like creepy melodic sex groove music; i’ve listened to every album and have about 15 shirts from them; Deftones are known as Sextones as their music is very sexual but its what draws me to them.

It seems to be from the perspective of a drug that is personalified.

More sextones please. Do passenger

she gives therapy to others

You’re doing a few of our anthems from way back when! I love it! Unfortunately the way I see it, was in a toxic situation, nothing was ever enough for the dude. Cheating, lying, stealing and of course drugs. He cost me everything I ever earned or owned, and it still wasn’t enough.
30 years later, I watched him change into a fly after he laughed at jerking me around for decades…… I knew something was going on, I just had no idea how to fix it, how to help, when I realized it was over the top hard core drugs… I had to worry about getting MYSELF back to shore safely.

I left, walked with clothes on my back. Started a new life. Narc-free. I feel bad. But shrug I didn’t deserve that, and I couldn’t pull him to shore!

You must analyze, This Place is Death by the Deftones!

In addition to Chevelle The Red, need some Incubus on this channel. Not quite metal but Dig would be great here.

Chino said in an interview that Change was about him being an asshole to someone close to him. Along with other lyrics that Chino has written about his first wife, I think its about seeing her change into someone else and growing more distant, and then he manipulates her into staying with him even though he knows she wants to leave him. But generally I think it’s about a person who tries to control their partner and then finds themselves in a relationship with the shell of the person they originally fell in love with.

A music that have a similar feeling/ mood is Coma White from Marilyn Manson

They are the biggest band to come out of my home town of SACRAMENTO.