Therapist reacts to Change by Deftones

8:32 master fly hunter here. Pro tip: slowly position your hands to the left and right of it and then simply clap your hands together. Flies take off straight up and the movement of your hands coming together causes it take off upward and directly into your hand clap. Try it if you don’t believe me, thank me later

I don’t really listen to this song so much for its lyrics, which are haunting and ambigous (which is great) - I listen to it for the emotional states it surfaces in myself.

Digital bath!!!..

If you want to be really excited, listen to Passenger with Deftones, it has the singer of Tool and is probably the most thirsty song I know of :smiley:

Passenger will blow you mind

“Everything’s Wrong” by All That Remains

They do not have a bad song

lets goo been asking for deftones for a minute!

Okay - I’m SUPER drunk - But this song always struck me as a woman being a maggot, then she ‘learns and grows wings’ (becomes a fly) so she changes - and the man puts her down and makes her a larvae again but pulling off her wings. He’s singing about women being too big for their own meaning, and he just brings her back to earth.

TL:DR - It’s about a woman thinking she’s worth so much more but she already has the best she can get. #Facts

Can you react to we three(sara, half hearted, hell as well or another song)?

You should analyze Digital Bath. Amazing sounds and interesting lyrics.

It’s a song about doing coke.

We need more Deftones…

I love chino voice…

The people have masks because it’s a Halloween party. I think it’s meant to symbolize people willingly being someone or something they aren’t


Digital bath pleaseee…

Minerva you should listen to by the Deftones

Your O face must be off to the hook :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Only “the one” trully gets it!