Therapist Reacts to Closer by Nine Inch Nails

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Closer by Nine Inch Nails to discuss how often times when people are being excessively vulgar in their expression what they are actually saying is “help me” this song is a perfect example of how what is expressed is not often what is being felt. We can learn to listen for the whispered help me.


I just found this kid I think he’s Australian but he’s 15, and he made a song called Legend. You should check it out it’s called “N X - Legend”. I wanna know your thoughts on it❤

You should react to “I’m Sorry” by Joyner Lucas.

Well this should be interesting :joy:, I never saw this reaction coming

What a great thumbnail…

You should do “Into the Void” that one is wow.

On a serious note though. He was stating that he has to do these things to escape his depression. And even though after is degrading, but while he is in it he is perfect. So the song is a cycle.

Didn’t Nikolas Cruz listen to this? The singer looks like Oasis with the circular glasses.

They are tourting you with these requests. Lol.

Imho, A song like _ A Perfect Circle - Gravity_ is more apropos to the channel.

Upbeat song for NIN “No You Dont”, that would be REALLY interesting.

Id like to see you react to Dax- Joker

3:19 - editor is wise. :joy:.

The entire album is a masterpiece, I would love to see more from it.

I came across a song that i havent in 20 years and i broke down. Staind " For You" life will wither you down. Havent heard that tune in a while. I hope Taylor might react to it one day. I have endured so much stuff people dont believe what i have endured except my family. Because they know and this isnt a post to sob or get clicks. It is real life trauma stuff. I shared it on a Mudvayne song in this channel and the inital person mocked me, okay i dont give a f about them, then love from others poured in. So i will share this with you all. I lost my wife pregnant with our daughter in 2007. My wife and i knew each other since we were 5 years old. My bestfriend. That destroyed me. I lost everything because i couldnt cope after that loss. I rebuilt my life and made friends. My 2 bestfriends Rose and Stacy. Were beacons of light, getting me to try to go out and experience life they succeeded. Rose killed herself from her abusive relationship. Stacy killed people from drinking and driving. In a instant, i lost 2 people that were my angels and supportive. My ex girlfriend cheats on me Christmas Eve while im making ginger bread houses with her kids. I got cancer and went to a mental hospital because i couldnt take all the weight that was pushing me down, and self harm thoughts. I was graped in their and beat bad. All that has been 5 years now. There is good and bad days, we will always have those. Im alive and doing the best i can. I have ptsd from it. But i try the best i can everyday, you can to as well. You arent alone and their is value in all of us, even when life has tried to take that value away. Love you all, keep fighting

One of the best songs to watch certain, athletic, women, dance to while tackling a pole obstacle…

god, i hate that they cut the original song down in the video. next candidate from nin could be “the great below”.

Good day to u guys. So I kno I’ve been asking for a while but my sober birthday is almost here so could u please react to Fear Campaign by Fear Factory. 9 years on Friday. Thank you

@HeartSupport Other NIN songs to looks at my favorite of all time and most applicable to you. “The Big Come Down” The Fragile, “Right where it Belongs” (With Teeth) for existential crisis, “Becoming” (Downward Spiral), “Mr. Self Distruct” (Downward Spiral), “Gave Up” (Broken) your gonna need lyrics but it is a messed up song,

Remember everything would be a great one

You should most definitely do a five finger death punch song