Therapist Reacts to Closer by Nine Inch Nails

Pigs, cooperate America…

This was beautiful…

Whenever i hear this song, i just remember how strippers loved to dance to this song in the early 2000’s. Love your reactions :heart:

Love Nine Inch Nails! Would love it if you checked out The Perfect Drug off the Lost Highway soundtrack or his cover of Dead Souls on the Crow soundtrack. :+1:

Brilliant, you figured the song out instantly!

Look into the house he bought and recorded the album there.

I wish Johnny Cash did a cover of this song.

Ok i wanna see more facial expressions from nothing records ie marilyn manson videos. Hilarious.

This was a perfect song, for your content. Funny, i always heard HELP ME in this song, more than anything else in this song… I always thought it was weird that I always focused on those words in the song. Then again this song was at it’s peak, when I was young, high and sexually promiscuous. I enjoyed every moment, of that part of my life, but I always knew that it was the wrong path and I felt guilt and a bit of shame. Glad I made it through it and came out the other side without too much regret. Anyways, great show.

So glad to hear you cover NIN. Now that you’ve started down it, you can’t not do The Downward Spiral album. I look forward to your analysis. Metallica was my first musical love, but NIN was the music that made me feel unalone.

Early NIN is great rage music to release pent up anger in a less destructive way, also great high energy music to keep (me) motivated when skateboarding, bike riding or doing any physical activity that requires high energy to keep moving. Not great for playing golf or other more mellow pursuits lol

One of the most difficult songs to lyrically analyse… the SECOND HALF of. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Trent was an addict and chronic depressive just like me. I guess that’s why I identified with his and Nirvanas music so much.

Yes this a cool song. Yes Trent Reznor was a tortured soul like me. He was an addict. He got clean in 2002. I got clean 5 years ago. That’s why I always identified with NIN and Trent Reznor specifically. He grew up upper middle class like me and he was older than me but I was a freshman in HS when this album came out. I already had their first 2 albums but this one brought it to another level and The Fragile capped it off.

An industrial masterpiece. The Downward Spiral and The Fragile are amazing albums. Almost all of NIN stuff is great. I really like their second album Broken. This came out in 1994 that was a GREAT year for music. 1991-2000 were the best music. Really 92-99 but I say 91 because Pearl Jams first album technically came out in December 1991 and Mother Love Bone was pre 1992.

Awesome video, but please don’t leave your vinyl stacked like that. Over time the vinyl may become warped. Always store your albums upright.

suggestion: Dido song called HONESTLY O.K. i use to listen to it a lot…cuz it described how i felt…another: plumb-damaged…

Sometimes the anger you think you see in someone’s eyes, is actually pain.

We must let go of all addictions saith Swami Rama guru Barack Obama

Ich glaube das wird Ihnen nicht gefallen…aber vierzig Jahre haben mich gelehrt, nie “hilf mir” zu sagen. Niemals zur Familie, niemals an Freunde, vor allem niemals an Liebhaber. Ich muss in einer ganz anderen Welt leben als Sie.