Therapist Reacts to Daddy By Korn

Me dan muchas ganas de llorar cuando escucho esta canción. Es muy fuerte

Hello, I have no idea how you are a therapist, it must be such a hard but rewarding job. I’ve listened to this song for 22 years and it’s never been harder to listen than after hearing you break it down.

I was molested for 5 years, from the age of 7 to 12, by my uncle, I never told anyone until I was 28, and it definitely did fucking ruin my life, I have no belief in God, because why would he let that happen to an innocent child, he completely destroyed my childhood, didn’t tell anyone because I knew I wouldn’t be believed, when I finally did speak out to my parents, only my mother believed me. It resulted in me hating my father (it was his brother that molested me) until the day he died and furthermore.

Love that you’ve tried Deftones! I love them. Passenger and Knife Party are a couple of good ones too. Would also love it if you have Architects a go, written very metaphorically. Love the channel!

Throughout my childhooyI was molested by four separate men. The first time I heard this song I had a profound reaction. The truth is that my life from the age of five until 28 could have come from a psychological horror book. (Feel free to contact for the whole fucked up story I closing get shot and failing suicide multiple times.) The biggest question that haunted me was “why”. When Jonathan screamed “mommy why”… I broke down. I had always asked that question about every fucked up event in my life and always asked why did I… Why did I let him do that to me? Why couldn’t I get my mom to believe me? Why wasn’t I worth anyone caring? Why did I mean so little to an aunt that she could place a value of 20k on me at 8? Hearing him scream that question let me point that question outwards for the first time and it was a moment when I finally could let go of that self hate and doubt. It allowed me to let go of all of the questions that had haunted me. I can never truly ever explain how much I appreciate Jonathan and this song.

Dirty by Korn is another good one to react to

Every Korn song is about his, and bandmates life. The one exception is the Queen of the Damned soundtrack

He was rapes by his dad…

This song breaks me everytime to hear Jonathan screaming and crying. When i heard it the first time my bf and i pulled over bc we were crying so hard. To hear the pain so impactful. He is an amazing person.

i’ve never experienced an experience like the one Jonathan and many others have, but this song has had such an impact on my empathy for people who have gone through things like this. Korn is incredible for putting something out there for people to listen to, to know that they are not alone

The one that brings you into this world does the same but as a guy can’t say anything. Not everyone comes from a loving family. Verbal abuse is a part of life I guess. Along with silence. Music, art and photography is my only therapy

This song genuinely makes me tear up. Nobody should ever have to go through this.

This song makes me cry everything I hear it… It speaks to the heart of anyone who was ever abused in the way describes… It’s very dark but very powerful

… This song gave me the strength to go on… Jonathan Davis is literally a savior for so many because of this song!

This song hits me hard cuz I was abused sexually too