Therapist Reacts to Daddy By Korn

I was abused by another child my age, I don’t know how many times it has happened, we were between ages 7-10 I guess, I forgot about until I had a psychotic period in 2021 so I confronted him. He called me a liar. He not only sexually abused me but also bullyed me and used to beat me through my entire childhood. It only stopped because I moved away from him to another city. People don’t take me seriously because he was a child too, my friends didn’t care to move away from him or defend me or anything. I went through the trauma alone when I remembered. I stand with Jonathan. So sad…

KORN ‘Hey Daddy’ is the cooler one.

Yeah I can’t watch this one lol

I wasn’t really ever hurt by the song itself. What really touched me was your commentary about how we shouldn’t blame ourselves for being hurt, it’s not our fault.
And I understand. It’s just so difficult to remember I shouldn’t blame myself for what happened to me. And it just feels so logical like duh, but remembering that was never easy. Blaming and hurting myself was always easier than holding others accountable, but it does nothing to help or solve anything. So thank you for reminding that to me.

Jonathan Davis towed everybody do not stop the music. He said that before he wrote this song and they were recording it.

react to trash from korn issues album no balls

I know this is an old cliche, but it’s true. This song in this band in particular, save my life. And I am so glad this song is still helping people all these years later. It makes me so happy to see.:blush:

I hope you react to Faget by Korn. It’s about his experience about being bullied.

Hated by Yungblud…

Razorblade by Blue October

Yes he cries at the end and the crying and breaking down was not originally part of the song

My favorite Korn song
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Hated by yungblud
Slipknot, Blue October, and Sky Dxddy also have songs about sexual abuse/rape

even tho i can’t even listen to this song without crying and breaking down, i relate to this song sm
i was assaulted by a family friend at 7 years old and my father didn’t believe me (my mother did) and i always idolized jonathan davis cause speaking out about his story through a song is so powerful

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For 30 years have have lived in fear and shame from my sa when I was a child, I’m just now coming to realize that it wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t listen to this song for a long time.

For years he wouldn’t sing this song live because of what it’s about. When he finally got to a place where he was comfortable singing it again he said publicly that the person who abused him had been dead for quite sometime.
What’s amazing is that when Jonathan started breaking down in the vocal booth the recording engineer wanted to turn off the tape reel machine but the producer Ross Robinson told him not to. It’s a good thing it went down that way. And when they were done recording, everyone in the control room was just stunned, including the other guys in the band.

I so love you for this one…
Hear, tearjerker by Korn… please…

That song was recored in one take. That’s Jonathan Davis crying in real time. So powerful

Even 30 years later listening to 1 of my all time biggest influences Johnathan Davis, it still gives me chills and tears in this song and Dead Bodies Everywhere another that will always hit me hard in the heart.

I think Korn have saved more lives than any other band in history.