Therapist Reacts to Daddy By Korn

Listen to
Bullet-hollywood undead
Help-pink guy
I deserve to bleed- sushi soucy

These somg also made me sad, but i physically cant cry but these made me pretty close to it

One of your first korn songs you listen to being this one is…an Interesting choice

You deleted my comment…

This is one of the songs that truly fucking saved my life . I can’t tell you how spot on he is when he says feeling like dirt like a pile of empty. You become rage. I’ve now found peace , welll as close as I’ll ever get. Found an amazing wife 17 years now , got an amazing son , a life I’m proud of . The point I’m trying to make is hope is not lost . Be stubborn, don’t give in or give up . Face it fucking destroy it and create a new . Much love .

There’s another metal song that rocked me similar to this one… Jonestown Tea by Otep

Loved this reaction :black_heart:

“Tied down… that’s a good boy”
That hit harder than a freight train

I’m crying with you, Jonathan. God please heal this man’s mind, body, and soul. Hug this man in safe arms forever.

As a survivor of SA from a step-parent this gets all the feels with me. My own parents did not seem to really care either when they found out. Really an awful place to be in.

I had these vhs “who then now” “ who then now duece” and they show the recording of this song and it was so heart breaking but I’m so happy he got it out.

Definite not overreacting

I have never heard ANYTHING like this. This is unlike any other song in existence. Wow. It absolutely fucking breaks you to listen to this.

What you say using inspiration as a tool is very cool!!.. I’ve been struggling with addiction; well, the aftertaste gladly. But yesterday started with random anger and self pitty of day 1 (In fact, I bailed on two job interviews, but we’ll get to that later) spent all morning feeling as if I smelled rotten, and calling me all sorts of names, so what to do, blast the loudest metal on YouTube, light up a joint amirite?

I was halfway into a two-paper when I stumbled upon this video. Now, I’m no good at telling jokes, but I have always been a class clown but had no structure whatsoever. And I know I am because multiple times I paid for my “hobby” by being the funny jester for a bunch of armed toothless felons.

Well, today I wrote a joke! like, an actual “set up / punchline” joke, and being inspired by JD’s raw energy came up with a lighter but also triggering stuff that I’m never putting on the YouTube comment section unless I want the award for fastest cancellation ever. Especially after I decided that I was going to write a couple more and try them on an open mic someday! I thought, never got shot by drug dealers; bombing for a bunch of drunk hecklers should be like nothing to me.

Thank You @heartsupport; your way of helping is very refreshing and funny, it feels truly genuine and that is something rare, It’s great for People like me who have tried multiple more traditional ways of beating this and failed because it wasn’t the right fit. Well, at least not for free anyway (Like, Comment, subscribe).

A few good songs I think would be great to have you listen to are Linking Park (pleanty of songs) I like, “Shadow of the day” another goodie is Johnny Cash redo of NIN - Hurt!

No its actually about his Dad fucking him and his mom watches. The lyrics go “and fucked your own child… I saw you watching mommy… Mommy why.”

Check out Mushroomead - Mommy. You’ve GOT TO

at 41 i think i mite be able to face this

this song is the most darkest song in metal history. it’s a fucking haunting song… and the topic of the song is nothing to be joked about

His mum, who he trusted the most in this world let this happen. So sad but god I respect this man for unloading his burden on his first albumn. Jonathan Davis is such a nice guy…

When I was in 4th grade,I was sexually harassed by another boy in my class. Whenever I was sexually harassed I was so scared to tell anyone,thinking I would get in trouble,but finally told my teacher,and believe me after that that boy never messed with me again. I’m in middle school now and looking back I realized that it was a good thing I told someone bc if I didn’t it could still be going on till this day,I am not afraid to talk abt it now to others because I know it can help people who went through the same thing as me realize their not alone and never will be. To see Jon perform this song live,and push through it even when he started having a panic attack shows how strong he was. I’m so proud of the person Jon is and how he did this song as not only an escape for him,but as something to help others not feel alone. I love you Jonathan!