Therapist Reacts to Daddy By Korn

Jumping off of the none belife comment
I hate the demands of doctors that you justify to them your illness. It was hard the first time i don’t have it in me for 30 more times because you didn’t like the answer. And im sorry i don’t have the time and date stamp for everything bad that ever happened to me. I fucking hate doctors.

I have listened to this song so many times and never knew it was about him. Listening to it now on this video really puts his perspective into view and reality.

As fking disturbing as this song is, can we take time to acknowledge Fieldys base after It’s Alright?

Tearing up still after all these years

This song. Makes me so sick to my stomach. But it’s there for those it’s happened to. <3

This was an extremely powerful. Lyric San, I couldn’t take it anymore so I stopped listening about halfway through. I appreciate what. Jonathan Davis did, but I also feel extremely bad that people have to go through things like these things and their own family don’t even believe them. I think this is something that we should be looking at as a group of people. Maybe bringing these things to a light where people don’t have to sing songs about these awful situations. Good job Jonathan Davis, I applaud you and I am very sorry that you had to go through something like that in your life and that you had to make a song to prove that you were not lying.

The crying at the end always gets me😔

Korn is actually from my hometown much love from Bakersfield California

I was SA’d by a family member. Told my parents, and it was the 80s so it was swept under the rug. It took me 30 years to realize I was madder at my parents for not getting me help and pretending it was nothing.n Here I am, 46, and still messed in the head. They both passed in 2020. I asked my dad about it once, and he said, “oh you know kids that age (5) make up stuff all the time”. My mom had no excuse. Betrayal runs deep.

I bought this cd back when i was in high-school. Back
when it first came out. The more i listened to it, the more i realized how much i related to it.

I saw this on the list and said out loud Good luck Lady!! This one was so hard to listen to when it came out and i won’t finish it.

es como se siente vivir con ese trastorno :,v

Another powerful song on this sad topic is Jonestown Tea by Otep

The first time i heard this song it broke me and i was a crying mess

This is why rock and medal was so important to us a children.

This literally gives you chills when you listen to it, you can feel how painful and traumatic it is for him, i praise him for putting this out there and sharing such a horrible experience :cry:

Damn, I’ve listened to alot of stuff. This was painful to hear. :frowning: But that’s what metal is all about, respect to Jonathan.

god bless you…

This is a whole therapy session, not a song. (Read if you want to but small TW:)

This helped me when I first heard it. I was collecting things that had mentioned S/A or even (g)rape because I was trying to figure out if I was a victim because I remember what happened to me that day.

Everything goes down when you turn seven. When I listened to this session, heard other peoples stories, and watched EP. 4-5 of Baby Reindeer (do NOT watch those eps if you’re senstive to (g)rape), I started crying and felt so empty. From this session and Baby Reindeer, I found out i’m a victim of both S/A and COCSA. I have to give congrats to Jon for actually making a song/session about this. It’s already tough for me to explain this to my dear brother, and he sang about his story.
Sorry for making this about me.

S-a făcut pilea de găina pe mine. Waw! Ce versuri,poveste. :cry::cry::cry::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:.