Therapist Reacts to Daddy By Korn

if you dont cry by the end of this song something is wrong with you. ive heard this song numerous times and i still cry every single time. oh and that was his little sister singing to him, she was in the studio and when he broke down she went in to sing to him in an attempt to ease his pain.

the fact you didn’t understand it was him talking about how he was r a p ed . made it about you.

My trauma has never been as deep as those who use this song to cope but as a KoRn fan whenever I wanna get some rage out you’re gonna be blasting this and shoots and ladders

Can you react to dance with the devil by immortal technique

I can never finish this song without having an emotional breakdown.

I heard he made this song drunk and nude x

I wasn’t expecting to be ugly crying at 7 am

My mom first came to my bed when i was 6. I had to stay quiet. You where right when you said it is hard to share. I was so very flawed until i opened up to my therapist at 65 years old. It’s hard to believe that i can now start to live. Thank you for this reaction.

here a song that helped me HELLYEAH - Hush :
Be interested to see the reaction this this one …

the 90s were something else. theyre are still one of the biggest bands in the world. now we have drake and taylor swift. no one would would ever dare putting something like this out anymore, cause you know, its not good for advertisers and the algorithm.

most people say its disturbing and scary, which it is, but its realy nice to hear you say its bold and brave and powerful

my thoughts and prayers and my heart goes out to everyone who went through this hell in their lives, may God please bless you all…

this is very difficult to listen to, i’m sitting here bawling my eyes out

the lead singer Jonathan David had a very tragic childhood.

i know exactly how JD feels, i wasnt SEXUALLY abused by MY dad but i was badly EMOTIONALLY abused by him.

part of me will always hate my dad

whats unique about this song is that hes singing the song as if hes reliving what happened to him. thats why its so painful to listen to

When I told my bio mom what I remembered happened to me as a small child, her exact words were “Well, It happened to me too” and she went back to doing whatever she was doing. I didn’t tell the rest of my family because that made me feel like well no one will care so why talk about it. It wasn’t until years later that I brought it up in therapy did I tell my step parents. 30 years later it still comes up, I still haven’t completely processed it. Doesn’t help that sa was prevalent my whole life and she allowed a lot of it.