Therapist Reacts to Dear Alcohol by Dax

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Dear Alcohol by Dax to discuss how external processing moves us toward truth. Dax’s feelings about alcohol change as he writes the song because he realizes the truth of what alcohol does for him and in his life. When we process externally we see new options for what we can reach for as we see the truth of what is causing our addiction in the first place.


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Demon Alcohol by Ozzy Osboure

The Kelsie Watts mix is crazy good

You should listen to “What Would You Do?” by Seether

You should listen to “Dear Mom” & “To be a Man” by Dax. Everything that he does is meaningful.

more and more dax…

I definitely would love to see your reaction to Eminem’s song Arose

Have a few songs would love to see you react to:
Alice in Chains: nutshell
Crown the Empire: Let me out of the dark
The Amity Affliction: Set me free & All F’ed up (or all messed up is the clean version)

Taylor is a whole vibe. Thank you for your perspective on every one of these videos. It’s helped me more than once when I really needed it.

Lol this came out on dax drop FRIDAY. His new one just put him my number one artist now… Its called " real man" by dax… from a combat veteran/nie recovering alcoholic . This sing is pretty real

yes. HeartSupport

Listen to the mega remix :notes::notes:

Check out fuck love by all that remains. The anger is real

Please listen to his remix of this where he did a duet challenge on tik tok and then made a remix with all of the best versions added together, it’s really emotional but so powerful, and please listen to “to be a man” both the original and the remix again, and “my last words, and “dear god” and “gods eyes” honestly everything he releases is so good, just like ren and nf, he doesn’t miss

I got wasted every weekend between the ages 13 to 18 and I drank every night from 19 to 25 and I have been sober now the last 8 years with a few minor slip ups.

Welcome to Dax. Get ready for some more real music. He dropped a new one today. It was a tough listen.

Can i just say, you are beautiful :heart_eyes: and so caring. We need more people like you who actually feel music. You’re a gem :gem:

As others have said the mega remix is amazing

You should definitely do The Red by Chevelle!

I’m an alcoholic and this nummer was so ‘awesome’ and spot on and a good view/song to show your closer ones to get an idea of it.

Like the reaction videos like this one and the metal songs like Daddy.
New sub .