Therapist Reacts to Dear Alcohol by Dax

loneliness. ptsd. sorrow. loss. Helps numb the pain.

im not sure how this happened. I usually drink 1 to 2 times a year. but heartache has me feeling I need it . Watching this just pushed me over. Vodka it is.

Great reaction, please react to the mega mix version. Also please do Dax song “to be a man” and it’s longer version “to be a man mega mix”. Ps…bring a tissue

This song hit me so hard. I used to drink alot for a variety of reasons. If I couldn’t sleep I’d drink whiskey, when I felt sad I drank Hennessey. I drank when I was bored, once I drank nearly a whole bottle of vodka due to being bored. I wanted to enjoy myself I’d drink Rum, beer, cider, gin. I would often turn up to college hung over.
I attempted to quit in November last year but lasted 10 days then gave up. I decided New years eve would be my last drink and I can happily say I haven’t drank since New years eve. The cravings are the worst

Dax’s songs are great!..

My baby brother passed away in September & I’ve been drinking a lot & I know I have a problem but I don’t want to face life without him . I rather alcohol cause it helps me escape life . I’ve been struggling a lot… :sob: I have developed ptsd

@HeartSupport please do “killshot” or “to be a man” or “dear god” by Dax!

Just a recommendation but when the camera switches you should probably be looking at it just saying

HeartSupport :heart:

Check out Dear God next by Dax

I just discovered Dax not long ago, and it has been a long time since I have found an artist that so many of his songs can bring me to tears because of the emotion he brings, and how he relates to issues and puts to words feelings that can feel nebulous at times. Fantastic review/reaction as well. It’s nice to see how you get into the song, and especially when you point out the lyrics that excite you because of the thought processes they hint at or explicitly state that you have seen.

I listened to your comments after the song. I dont often do that. Thank You

Have yet to hear a bad song dropped by DAX. His music is SO powerful and therapeutic. AMAZING artist!

Awww I have been wanting to get requests and I am too late.

Ill tell a secret. We never feel all right

what do we do, if we dont drink to forget, but we drink to feel. pls help

I struggle with addiction and I’m crying watching this video. Dax accompanied by your insight is so much and it’s great. I love how passionate you are about helping people.

To be a man ! Will hit on mens mental health month

you gotta check out Dax “To be a man” and “to be a man mega remix” for mens mental health awarenes month

When people listen to Dax, i always suggest they listen to the original and then the mega remixes…it drills the point even further