Therapist Reacts to Dear Alcohol by Dax

Yes I need a therapist this song hits me hard

Alcohol has been the only way to silence the war within my own head. When I’m “buzzed” I can feel “normal”. And the thing that makes me more angry than anything else is when people tell you we all struggle, you will be fine suck it up, you can change it, ect. I was born with autism and ADHD. There is no way to change it and I get so tired of just fighting everyday. I’ve heard to accept it and be open with it so that maybe just maybe I can save a lost soul. I love every one of you and no matter what people say you are important.

been loving daxs other songs, and this one for ages. this song in particular helped me cut way back on my drinking. i still have a brew or two here and there but like you said around 5:20 that it brings out a part of me that feels really good HOWEVER my problem and im sure for many others, when you hit that point its hard to stop and it goes south from there and you become someone you dont recognize.

I Hate myself for being an alcoholic. You give me hope through your words of encouragement.
I can Defeat this Demon that has had control for far too long. Thank you

464 days clean and sober by the grace of God I found myself again.
I get goosebumps hard listening to this!

2 years sober and yea i want it still i was forced to stop its not that easy. Was given booze at a resteraunt andni swear i can barely control myself i thought this was over i let my gaurd down dont be me.

This song hit me so hard when it came out. This and his song Depression.

I am an alcoholic this song makes me cry while I’m drinking. I’ve gone cold turkey 4 times seizures hallucinations eating 200 benadryl while hallucinating thinking aliens are after me. Mental hospitals freaking out pulling out my catheter 4 times ruining my urethra. Alcohol is evil please anybody reading this give it up I’ve been drinking 24 beers a day since 17 I’m 32.

This song got me through some of the deepest times of my life so it means a lot that you’re doing this song. There was half a dozen songs that carried me through inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The fact that he hits on so many of the worst parts of use, the parts that kept us coming back. More than the withdrawals, the compulsion to turn off the painful emotions, knowing that it will help me cover the regret and envy I felt when I couldn’t find the courage to do the things I wanted to socially. 10 months later I’m finally thinking clearly, seeing why it’s been such a problem, because I didn’t want to feel these things. It eased the pain of being afraid to do the things I wanted to do, the plans I didn’t go to because I was afraid, but later regretted not doing. Things are so different now. It’s not like that anymore. Am I still an introvert? Yes. Do I go out and do those things anyway? Yep. Do I have a very limited social battery, that makes me so exhausted I pass out as soon as I get home? Of course. Did I have a panic attack at one of the largest music festivals in America? Also yes. But do I regret going? No. Nor do I have to sit with the regret that I didn’t go, and feel like I missed out on the experience of a lifetime.

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