Therapist Reacts to Du Hast by Rammstein

Cool Gemanic Music… :smiling_face::wink:

best live band I’ve gone too, so hot near the front though

They have always had the best shows ever.

I’d like to see you react to Puppe. VERY INTENSE!!! And BTW… I’ve been to a Rammstein Concert. This video DOES NOT do it justice. IT IS SPECTACULAR!!! Even if you don’t understand the music, You WILL enjoy the whole concert!!! I waited 2 years (due to covid) to see them. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY I SPENT AND MORE!!! I will never forget it!!!

I went to see them at Gillette Stadium in 2022 and it was the best show I have ever seen

When you get the chance, check out the piano version of “mein herz brennt”(spell check that) by Rammstein. Extremely powerful song, made even harder with the delicate undertones of the piano compared to the og version. Fun fact: The singer, Lindemann is a licensed pyrotechnician.

Copied my explanation of du hast from another reaction:

"(…) here is a detailed explanation of how “du hast” is supposed to be meant.
“Du hast” in German cannot directly be translated into English. Without further context, (unless a certain verb is following) “du has(s)t” could mean both: “you have (verb) me” or “you hate me”. if you say “du hast mich” it is supposed to be “du hasst mich” (double ss) (you hate me) but if you add another verb at the end then the verb “hast” is supposed to be an adverb and written as “hast” (single s) (have). “du hast mich gefragt” translates to “you’ve asked me” you could of course use another (accusative) verb. e.g. like “lügen” (to lie) “du hast mich belogen” (you have lied to me) or “schlagen” “du hast mich geschlagen” (you’ve hit/beaten me). Side note: It’s important to use an accusative verb. If you use a dative verb then “mich” will become “mir”. At the middle of the song Till reveals: "du hast mich gefragt … und ich hab nichts gesagt “which means just “you have asked me … and I said nothing”.
I hope this makes it clear.”

Rammstein seems to always go the extra mile on their live production.

OMG, I have never seen such a clear analysis of this song from a first time listen, especially since you don’t speak German, kudos to you.

u didnt get the point…and its rly not ur fault…without knowning German…its impossiple to know it… its a german wordplay…du hast…du hasst…sounds so similar…but means the very opposite

This song. Lmao :joy:. It was pretty awesome back in the day. I had both versions of the song.

Dualism is the foundation sentiment of humanity !!!
It takes great knowledge and skill to choose the side what is right for you, beware not the get mislead…
Example : 50% of me wish to die, while the other 50% wish to live, however not living like I currently do, No I mean really live… What choice doI make ? I can keep on trying to “Live” or end the tornment…
Pease make the right choice, I Love you all :pray:

You are so so so so so so so beautiful and alive full of energy … Love you :heart:

“haifisch” please please please

Do the noose by a perfect circle

Rammstein - zeit
Rammstein - angst

He never said yes btw ;).

In German, it’s a play on words. You had me at hello vs you trapped me with your feminine wiles. The song is a warning. Don’t get caught. Think Lullaby by the Cure. Also an interesting video to analyze.

Watch any of the Rammstein “Du Hast” videos from the Family Values Tour and I guarantee you’ll have a different reaction :innocent:

There are no English versions!