Therapist Reacts to Du Hast by Rammstein

Ramstein Deutschland is another great video also for a different band Nightwish Dead boys Poem.

Aua in einem zimmer mit einer wand vor den fenstern und kopfhörern für zweifuchzig… Musik Experte. Wie sie den Mund auf macht war lustig.

You are missing a significant point. In German Du hast means You have. But Du Hasst means You hate. And as others have commented: The answer is always NEIN. These double meanings is typical for Rammstein.

“Du hast mich” has a different meaning if you add an “s”. When the crowd answers " Du hasst mich" the meaning is “you hate me”. :sweat_smile:

As a therapist you should be reacting to the literal self harm that is the live version of their song “Ramstein” (same name as band). The singer of this band is a masochist.

Can’t understand it but the style is wild

The singer is a certified professional pyrotechnician

And in this “places of indecion” of our exploration comes the second version of “du hast mich”, which (in German) is “du hasst mich”, what means “you hate me”. Try to get this in: You, as a loved person who should know me, asked me at this time. At this time I’m struggling and exploring me and my feelings. And since you know me well, that can only mean that, deep inside you, you hate me. Therefor I must guess you are trying to sabotage “us”. I must keep the chance in mind that you want an ending. The only thing I can answer in the following part about “until death do us apart” is a clear “no”. Just like it’s written and like he was singing. Sadly, translations hide those possibilities well.

My theme song…

Малая я это пережил лет 20 назад.

Don’t see anything by The Warning and yes I subbed

Either she says “Yes” or the Choir subtly in the background, thus making it a song against the Church ie institutions that make us do something we don’t want to

Rammstein are perfect in decisively delivering controversial or ambiguous messages, that’s perhaps the most underrated parts about them :slight_smile:

Best Band in the World…either live or music videos…the Best !

Its a song about love and divorce so both meanings apply

The meaning of this song is complicated. It is a wordplay that doesn’t work in English. Du hast is literally translated to ‘you have’, but in German, if you just hear it, it could also mean: ‘du hasst’ and that means, you hate, then it goes on: ‘du hast mich’, but it could still also mean: du hasst mich which litterally means you have me but also sounds like you hate me, and only when you hear the full sentence the meaning becomes clear: ‘du hast mich gefragt’ is unmistakably ‘you have asked me’. Then the lyrics go forward to the marriage question, but due to the ambiguity at the beginning, it’s not exactly clear, what the singer is saying no to, the marriage in general, or a loveless, hateful marriage. The message could be interpreted as: You don’t want a hateful marriage.

You are so refreshing…thanks for being you :wink:

You NEED to see Rammstein’s Mein Teil live. I will personally put together a list of songs they did live that you need to see!

this song is a good therapy for a nice mood

If you ever get the chance you absolutely must go and see this band. However much people tell you about the band you will not be prepared for their live performances. No other band comes close and I started seeing bands in the 1970s so have seen many of the greats including Zeppelin.

It means you hate me trust I speak German