Therapist Reacts to Du Hast by Rammstein

I don’t like his pretenses

The treadmill powers the band. :wink:

No, in reality he just wanted to move with the rest of them. Its multidirectional and moves from his walking rather than a motor.

They also design all their own pyrotechnics.

You realize the songs about a real life cannibal instinct

I would highly recommend you view Mein Hertz Brennt piano version. It should be very interesting to you as a therapist. In fact, you could view both the official music video and the piano version. I’ll leave it up to you which you view first.

Check out Mein Teil. You need therapy afterwards :slight_smile:

Is this Molly Shannon…

Funny sidenode. The keyboarder “Flake” has ADHD. When the band began using more and more pyro, he cannot walk on the stage as in the past. So they come up with the threadmill idea to give him the chance to move on stage for stress relief

Rammstein <3…

Please react to Rammstein - Engel

It’s my favorite song by them

You have to remeber, that " Du hast" in German is a Word-Play . So, “Du hast” is in English “You have” but in German it ment also “You hate” Think about that :wink:

in german the word is like two words in english: have and hate - so you have me or you hate me! Rammstein is world culture!

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Every reaction video… “Is he on a treadmill?”

Yes, yes he is…

your my soulmate…lmfao jk… now time for deathstars reaction…my fav sweedish band… please react to most of there vids… please no bad song there anywhere… love ya… keep up the great content…

They opened concert season in Prag 2 weeks ago. I was there of course :slight_smile: Great open air show and those flames…they grilled all 60 000 people. Du hast (meaning here - first part of german past tense) but “du hasst” sounds same but it means “you hate”. Rammstein songs and lyrics carry more ways how to see the point. Try to react song “Mutter” -

Rammstein have always been my band, my band that looks after me when i need help.
When the dark becomes too much Rammstein help me find the light again.
I have been a fan for the past 24 years, but only in the past few years have i actually taken time and been studying German, this has taken my love so much further for this band.
Two days after christmas 2020 i lost my Dad, who i had not seen since my wedding (weeks before the UK went into full lockdown)
I was allowed to travel to sort funeral arrangements (by this point we were in our second full lockdown) I was numb or i was a sobbing mess, there was no inbetween.
Over time i managed to pick up the broken pieces and Rammstein were right there with me.
Skip forward to summer 2022, i was front row at Rammstein in Coventry, when the band hit the stage, i felt like i could breathe for the first time since losing my Dad… surrounded by thousands of likeminded people all screaming along to our favourite band.
They saved my life more times than any other band.
Music is so so powerful.

Not a person caught in a place of indecision. The female part sings Ja (Yes) and male part sings Nein (No). Pretty obvious

As a native german speaker, I‘d like to point out the ambiguity that gets lost in translation.

„Du hast“ („You have“) and „Du hasst“ („You hate“) sound similar in german. The way it‘s being sung here, it sounds more like „Du hasst“ („You hate“) to me. So it sounds like:

Du (You)
Du hasst (You hate)
Du hasst mich (You hate me)
Du hast mich gefragt (You have asked me)

During the first three lines, tension builds up, and it seems to be about someone being hated. At the forth line, now it‘s about someone being asked (that is, someone being proposed to marry).

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When I saw them at UNO Lakefront Arena in the New Orleans area as a teenager, there was some fire, but there was also some other sort of gag, joke stuff of a pseudosHMexual nature. You can see the exact performance of Buck Dich which I am primarily referring to on the Family Values 1998 tour home video, as it and most of the performances on the home video and the tour soundtrack are from that show.