Therapist Reacts to Du Hast by Rammstein

Ummmm yeah. Rammstein isn’t a show. It’s an experience

If you say to someone in German: Du hasst mich, that does mean: You hate me. The sentence change its meaning with “gefragt”. That means in english: You have asked me (Du hast mich gefragt)

People never get the dualism in the german.

A few mentioned the du hast or du hasst… you have or you hate.

However the wedding wows are changed in the second version:
1st: Willst du bis sum tod euch scheide, treue sein fur alle tage. NEIN
2nd Willst du bis sum tod der scheide, sie lieben auch in slechten tagen. NEIN

1st: Will you be faithfull til death do you part? NO
2nd Will you love the pussy/(even dualistic for derogatory term for a woman) even on a bad day. NO

React to buck diche family values tour

You have only seen the beginning if you see the res you will pass out and wake up as an metal head :weary::sweat_smile::rofl:

The lyrics are German wedding vows. It’s a theme that comes up w/ rammstein alot. Especially in their earlier albums. Though “have” & “hate” are quite similar in German. It’s a play on words as till sings it as hate but it’s still wedding vows

Rammstein performances are truly one-of-a-kind. I remember standing on the opposite (long) side of a hockey rink and still being hit by those heatwaves from the pyrotechnics. Epic.
I did study German for a few years in school, so it was always a good challenge to piece together the lyrics, which I found challenging because of allegories, likeness or so on. Sometimes it was brutally clear.
You should follow this up with ‘Tier’ ( Animal ). You are in for a “interesting” time. Or perhaps “Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?”. Do dig in, they do explore human nature in their early work.

its a double meaning… you have me / you hate me (hast/hasst)

You really do need to stop “grooving” to videos, you miss moments. Its a VIDEO, not an audio track… *if you’re not going to WATCH the video, just listen to the audio track.

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