Therapist Reacts to Enter Sandman by Metallica

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics to Enter Sandman by Metallica to discuss the ways in which our fears usually have something to show us about our pain, and this song encourages us to choose to face them to “Enter Night” and courageously face the fear as a part of our path toward purpose.


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This song is about crib death

This song never gets old! Have you seen the live version in Moscow? It’s CRAZY. 1.5 million people in the audience

Can you listen to rain by the teskey brothers. It’s a great song and would make my year!! Like this to get it to the top of the comments

5/5 thumbnail face…

First!!! :sob::sob::skull::skull:

The best entrance song for a relief/closer pitcher!! Mariano Rivera

Live performances only for Metallica!

It started out as a song about crib death according to James.

The song is about sudden infant death.

Who can hear anything over the ac?:joy:

Hi. Fear Factory!!! The song is Powershifter!!!

Are you familiar with sleep paralysis? I experienced it in my childhood a few times. I would wake up from nightmares not being able to move or speak. Super scary stuff.

react to holier than thou

‘tallica. I am here for it.

Metallica is a great band but this is one of their songs that are so played out if I hear it one more time I’m going to pull out my hair😬

Dream theater, under a glass moon, nightmare to remember, panic attack day-5

Metallica is a great band but this is their number one song that is so played out if I hear it one more time I’m going to pull out my hair😬

Love your reactions. You should check out a band called “the warning” doing there version of enter sandman but do the live version.

Love the metal stank face you have goin on lol. \m/