Therapist Reacts to Enter Sandman by Metallica

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James actually sings “Dreams of liiars” but I always hear it as “of Lars” = Ulrich metallica drummer. It might be a nightmare too😂

this is crazy, i just discovered you tonight (thank youtube recommends!) but you’ve opened my eyes to so many of the deeper meanings to the songs ive loved for 10+ years and never caught on to… im never going to listen to music the same again. so many of them tie into my own personal mental health struggles. that new found meaning though, makes so much of it makes sense. why i have loved the songs, likely subconscious tie ins to my past and various traumas over the years. strangely enough, this is one of the first songs i learnt on guitar to, my guitar teacher was against it. to advanced for a beginner etc. but i was so set on it he ended up giving in and we made it happen… a good 15 years fast forward this is still one of my favorite songs to play. relaxes me after a long day at the shop

The Sandman is not a monster, he is the one who brings sleep. He throws magic dust/sand in your eyes so you all asleep (that’s why you sometimes have grit in your eyes when you wake up). Is he not a well known character in the US? I always figured he was since Metallica made a song featuring him.
He is well known figure in folklore in Europe. In Sweden we call him “John Blund”

If you haven’t yet, can you please check out Until it sleeps by Metallica? Great song! One of my favorites!

You should listen to Invisible Kid by: Metallica! I need a better understanding of the song.

People in the middle east have heard this song.

There’s no way you haven’t heard this though lol

There’s an entire generation that has this song sang to them as kids by their dads. How do I know this you may ask? I’m one of the dads that did it.

“Sad but true” should interest a therapist.

Wow you make really good points. Nice job. You are so right

First time listening.:joy:
Where you ve been …
Sorry for my laughing.That boxing style is priceless😂

Most of my life, I have had VERY vivid dreams, some very nice dreams and some horrible dreams. I often have the same or similar dreams, sometimes every few nights, other times just once or twice a year, at least the ones I remember.
I think the most common couple of dreams I have are dreams where I wake up at 57 yo and realize I never finished a required college course and I still have to finish it, lol. The other one is related to when I used to manage a Pizza Hut. 20 years later, I still sometimes dream that I’m somehow still stuck doing that job, but in very strange situations, like running a mobile Pizza Hut in the back of an 18 wheeler, while it’s going down the highway, probably because I also was a truck driver for several years, lol.

Fun fact, this song was originally about SIDS sudden infant death. The record company thought that was too dark and depressed for the first single so they changed it to childhood bad dreams.

You should do Metallica - The Unforgiven as your next Metallica song

Do u ever listen to any country songs?

Your interpretation of these lyrics made me think of Silent Lucidity by Queensryche, which is from the point of view of a father comforting a child who has just woken from a nightmare and explaining dreams and the subconscious to the child–in an age-appropriate way. That’s another song I’d recommend.

My brothers class walked to this for graduation :joy:

You should look up Rise Against = Hero of War or anything by Citizen Solider

your thumbnails are the best ever