Therapist Reacts to Falling Away From Me By KORN

Interesting view of that the thought of suicide is a thought of escape. During my divorce Dark Funeral - My Funeral was my “feel good song” :slight_smile: have you reacted to that video? Thats darker than darkness…

Really enjoyed this reaction. I’d love for you to do reactions for some NIN songs.

As a 90’s kid living in Asia, the beatdown is normal. I can’t count how many beatdowns I had lol.

Narcissistic cannibal - korn/kill the noise/skrillex🔥🫶🏽

Thank you, you cool :+1::wave:

If you get abused, for years, then open the window and run away… you did not get away, you never will.
I was abused from my mother, and for over 8 years in school, by my “comrades”. I was not just beaten physicaly, by punches, kicks and more. Also mental abuse was daily routine in my life, till i was 17. Since the last time this happened, 25 years are gone, but i still did not get away from this experience. I still have much problems with selfdoubts, depressions and still flirting with suicide from time to time. There are days, maybe weeks, where i am not troubled with it and life a happy life, but it always crawls back in my mind, gnaw away my confidence and put me back on the ground.
So no, there is no getting away from abuse. It will stay with you, for all you life.

Nutshell by Alice in Chains is a huge one that i listen to.

Please please react to Jordan by Complete!!!

You should react to “Hostpital for souls” by Bring Me The Horizion.

I did not share the same hardships, but flirted hard for 10 years. Now its more casual

Wait till she reacts to daddy by korn. Jesus falling away from me is a rated G korn song

I have experienced both abuse and flirting with suicide

You need to check out Electric Callboy love/hate. Or any of their songs. They are hard and catchy. Even ghostkid is good

React to In this River by Black Label Society. Thanks Love some Korn.

Could you please, please, please analyze DREDG - INFORMATION!! Thank you for sharing and teaching through your knowledge! Understanding Heals!

The saddest part is that Jonathan Davis has first hand experience in abuse as a child. I’ve been through my own trauma, but fortunately it wasn’t this severe. My favorite aspect of this video is that the kid ultimately used the box (music) to get away. Music saved my life many times. I deal with mental health diagnoses. Music can be a huge safe haven for relating to or working through emotions. Music is the heartbeat of my life.

You should have a listen to Korns song Daddy.

A thing I feel that is overlooked is the fact she has the band/music in the box and seeks them out in her worst times. Basically the music is there when you need it, also it can be a release/protection for those times and ultimately can help you escape the situation. It never leaves her and she carries the music with her. That’s my interpretation of the band in the box.

Of course it’s fantasizing. What’s the alternative?

Do moth by Hellyeah…