Therapist Reacts to Falling Away From Me By KORN

guess im more lucky than i thought, years of mainly mental, some physical (throwing a deck of cards at the back of my knee as i was leaving after askin if i could take them, he said no, so thinkin nothin of it i left, my stepdad then did the above) but lucky as it didnt escalate to worse, especially when i finally had enough an confronted him (was abusive to my mom as well) but he backed down, this was prior to me being 18 an im about to be 41 this year, an still can remember/hear some of the things he said an did, never all bad, as is the case in those types of situations, but not making an excuse as no one, especially not a child, should go through any form of abuse

I have two semicolon tattoos and i did it to escape the pain of my environment but once i enlisted in the military i realized it wasn’t my fault it was theirs to carry im now 30 years sober and living life

I don’t know if you know. But all of Korns songs are about Jonathan Davis’ childhood.

Cool story; but 988 doesn’t work. Riddle the meds and hope for your own requiem, for no one cares for another’s damnation

This song helped me cope during my teen years.

Korn is a reason why I am still here… Nu-metal and mostly their “sad” songs were ment for us - troubled kids - to cope with situations which we had so little knowledge about… I’m 35 now… still fighting my demons from childhood - still single, still enjoying my solitarity but at least I am not suicidal…

So, if u want another massivly powerful song that is on a similar level: Hush by Hellyea

Would you do a review of here to stay by korn?

I’ve watched this music video during it’s release, Though I cried with your explanation… I don’t cry. My abuser is dead (after he attempted to murder me and my mother, it’s idk some say it was karma.) I myself now as a man disasociate quickly and i will admit somedays are harder with coming to terms with it… but I still deal with his slanders destroying my name. His friend’s are a rough crew (bikers not chill ones) trying to cope with coming to the realization that i’m a murder survivor actually is heavier to hold then everything else bothering me (ptsd wise or his friends) people sadly don’t take men seriously when they bring up this stuff… well cry and rant over, Thank you. i needed that.

Ohhh just wait until you hear “daddy” umm yeah this is a walk in the park compared to daddy

Holy shit this woman gets it. Except Korn saved thousands of people from going the suicide way. Me one of them.

This album was a masterpiace right from the beginning to the end the album is issues and then take a look in the mirror album is underated should react to counting on me/justin/ deep inside the untouchables album saved my life i struggle with real life and that song no one is there on untouchables saved my life

Shinedown, Staind, Tool, Korn, let’s just go thru my early teenage (and still current) Playlist…at 35.

I think the part when Korn enters her room shows it’s louder. Growing up listening to Korn I used to crank it up at bad times as a release of anger to sing along, and Korn being in her room says to me that although it’s bad Korn is there for you. Music is a release.

:disappointed: survivor here​:cry:…

Survivor… when you flirted too closely, you know what it means to have pushed yourself out of life in this world and woken up changed.
It hurts, but living thru the attempt hurts more, so it heals… eventually
Lost count of my battles, but never lost yet. I am alive after them for a reason …to help guide others, apparently, in some ways
Creativity is a way out of pain!!!
Falling away, from this world, to come into our own

I think there is something that is impossible to make people understand all these years later. Gen X, Xennials, and early Millenials; we all grew up in this weird boomer-run hellscape. I always say that being born in the late 70s-early 80s, and then growing up through the 90’s, and early 2000’s was like growing up in Lord of the Flies, and I have come to believe that MANY of us spent some time period of our youth completely criminally insane. We were thirty by the time we were twelve, and I know people my age (40’s) like to talk about that shit like we are better off because of it, but we’re not. I’ve lost 11 people in the last two years, nearly all in their 30’s and 40’s, and 9 of them were preventable deaths. Something is extremely wrong with that number, and it makes me angry. When you look at the bands who made a name for themselves during this time period, all of it was sex, drugs, suicide, pain, depression, abuse, and fuck everyone. It started with the grunge of the early 90’s, which was a lot of depression and heroin, and it evolved through the mid-90s with NIN and Manson, and then it was the total anger of nu-metal in the late 90’s, and then, it all ended with Woodstock '99 burnt to the ground. That’s an allegory for what it was like back then. I look at Woodstock burning, and to me, it makes perfect sense. I can’t see it going any other way. KORN was one of those bands who got it. They understood it in a very visceral way, and that is why they were as big as they were, and that is why they are circling back now and getting the respect they deserve all over again. There is no actual point to my comment here. Truthfully, I could write about this for days on end, but I’m going to stop here.

dissociation is my default state lol, have been doing it for many many many years, i’m so disconnected from everything that it doesnt feel like i even exist and havent for years. i’m just numb, dead inside and apathetic. also suicidal since i was like 12. but hey, time moving so fast right now it will probably be over soon anyway

My dad was a ruthless, narcissistic, self-centered alcoholic businessman with a lot of power. I’d regularly see him physically and mentally abuse my mother, which was a workaholic and I barely interacted with her. I was constantly threatened by him that if I act in a manner which annoys him, he’d take it out on my mother and grandmother. So for the longest time, I became an emotionless blank slate with no personality, no goals, husk of my former self. Getting ignored 99% of the time and then drunkenly being told “I love you, even though you’re so darn ugly” was not the best of feelings. If that wasn’t enough, my much older step brother from my dad’s first marriage moved in with us when I was 12. He was a drug addict, who constantly stole from us, threatened us and attempted to kill me, among making sure my daily life was a misery. I only wanted for my mom to leave my dad so we could run away, but she never got the courage. This is the tl;dr version, but after a few years of therapy, I finally mustered up the courage completely cut all connections with him. Blocked all of his numbers, and haven’t seen him for almost a year. Life is better now, but with so much lost during my childhood and me constantly getting sick, my thirst for life has honestly faded and I’m back to square one. I don’t live, I just exist

Hatebreed had a video similar to this I remember from when I was a teen “To the Threshold”
Always have respect for anybody bringing attention to domestic/child abuse.