Therapist Reacts to Falling Away From Me By KORN

Do “Kill You” by Korn next. More of Jonathan Davis’ childhood. Its dark. Youll be shocked. Check it out.


So what do you do when the people you asked for help. Gave you help, but the help that was given was to further isolate you and turn a blind eye to it. The people that were supposed to love you and protect you turned their back and pretended ot never happen then tell you your insane and should be locked away.

Please please please do Korn Sombody Someone :cry:

I love your reaction to this video!!!

I was never “abused” by my family. I was never in domestic violence or anything like that. I just felt so broken inside all the time and I was my own abuser. I would mentally berate myself day in and day out. My inner voice would just come screaming and hollering at me as Id lay on my floor crying. After my first failed attempt I went to my bedroom and wept on the floor as I could hear my inner voice screaming that I was so pathetic and worthless that I couldnt even take my life without messing it up. All through my teen years and into my twenties ive lived like that. People would always tell me “dont beat yourself up, mistakes happen” and things of that nature. Meanwhile in my head all I could do was berate myself and make sure I felt as shitty as possible for making mistakes or just not being good enough. Ive never been abused by either of my parents. But if abuse is anything like the way I was treated in school and at work. I can definitley say I understand being abused. Too anyone like me, you arent alone. I get it, many days it feels like everyone says that but theyll never truly understand. They will. And even if they dont there are those who want to help because they shed a tear for every person who suffers in silence. I am that guy, I know how bad some days can be. And I want to be the voice that talks someone down from that ledge. I hope and pray no one ever has to go through that shit. Sadly I know they will, but I hope they have a friend to walk with them through the shit storm. Good luck to whoever reads this and I hope you have an amazing day🫰

I have flirted with suicide many times korn is the reason I’m still here it saved me

You should react to another Korn song , " Hollow Life" . This song talks about depression. Its a sad song but beautiful at same time.

You think this one is sad… listen to Daddy.

:heart:korn helped save my life as a teenager​:heart:


Korn got me through tons of abuse… I listened to Korn from the first album on. Music is therapy.
Never thought of ending it by my own hand. I didn’t care if someone else did, however. Which got me into some very dangerous situations (like picking a fight with a biker gang by kicking over all their bikes)…

Just try to react to Soil the stillborn - Infant Annihilator

You should literally go down the rabbit hole from the first song off the first album… And do a try not to cray ever for at least 4 albums!!!

great reaction…

Jonathan David sings about his childhood, he went thru this stuff

Alone I Break and Thoughtless are also amazing

KoRn’s music has been a therapeutic outlet for my for more than 20 years. Thank you for backing down their songs. I’m happy to have found your channel.

I love these videos. Somehow they help me. Would you consider looking at some Hatebreed? Their lyrics tend to be aggressively positive. “Looking Down the Barrel of Today” would be a good one.

I’ve always taken this song to be a “we know, we care” type message, released in 1999 that’s pre smartphone, and pre internet for most normal families, these days if you’re a kid being abused you can google and seek help or forums and find support, back then, you kept it to yourself in the fear that anything you said would just get back to your abuser, this was Korn saying, we’ve been there, we get it, and we’re going to get you through this

I always felt like those kids running from the house(s) are essentially the same ones who gang up and become the animated kids in the earlier Follow the Leader videos/artwork