Therapist Reacts to Falling Away From Me By KORN

Love and Death - chemicals
It’s by korn’s bass player Brian “Head” Welch is a good song to look into, it’s about addiction.

I did more than flirt with suicide.only reason I’m still alive is cause someone caught me both times

Please react to ungrateful by escape the fate…you need to see that

You should do thoughtless

Yes it is part 2…

I wasn’t abused as a child but I knew people who were. It’s so sad.

This musicvideo was directed by Fred Durst, leader of Limp Bizkit.

Thanks for coment, te recomiendo también una increíble canción :Never to late, Three Days Grace…


It would be amazing if you react to Korn’s Mr Rogers song

The very first song that got me into Korn. I used to listen to the song to cope with suicidal thoughts and many many other feelings. The chorus beating me down, I used to think of it as if life is just beating me to the ground. When there’s no one else, Korn is the safe place to go to. I never experienced domestic abuse, but sending prayers to anyone out there experiencing such horror or any shit overall. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you. I think about suicide alot. I watch what u say in your video’s. Listen to metal and what you say about it keeps me sane. I just want to not fall away. Thz Korn

That opening chord still runs a shiver down my spine. Even after so many years.