Therapist Reacts to Forty Six and 2 by Tool

The song is about metamorphosis, figuratively and literally. I’d love to see your interpretation of Trust by KMFDM

So first off… I have a huge crush on you :blush: but on a music topic. Have you ever done any Mudvayne? Like “world So Cold”? If not… you should. Thanx, keep’em coming :call_me_hand:

My pattern after spending 23 years married to a narcissistic personality disorder (with additional histrionic traits and sociopathic behaviors during her period of mid-life crisis) has been to keep gravitating towards these broken-bird type women, thinking I can help them, fix them, whatever. But what I find is that they are broken through their own self-destructive and toxic behaviors. And, some are cluster-B disorders who are in their downward spiral after losing their source of narcissistic supply, so there is no fixing them. There is only discarding them and working to remove them from your life (like my marriage; wash, rinse, repeat). This makes me question whether I truly gravitate toward the broken bird, or do they, as narcissists, perceive my personality type and propensity to help and seek me out, presenting themselves with all of their manipulative tactics, which I fall for once again?

Could you please, please, please analyze DREDG - INFORMATION!! Thank you for sharing and teaching through your knowledge! Understanding Heals!

Pushit Live - from Salival :pray:

This song and Jimmy saved my life.

46 chromosomes ma’am not 44

Please do pushit!! Both versions if possible!

:point_right::eye::eye: heads up LOL you’ll figure it out you’re smart when you do a song Put the words down below go through the entire song without interruption then sit down and discuss I like the face expressions testing I thought maybe this might be a good song to send to a friend of mine that I’ve known since the age of six he’s heavily heavily into alcohol Hammond and semi for 27 days trying to give him hope and stability as soon as we got back within 4 hours he loved music 140 IQ the song is living right now is sung by Blackberry Smoke ain’t much left of me Southern ground Studios acoustic version enjoy it trying to always listen to positive music don’t get the wrong impression I love love all music focus on positive lyrics when I can I’m 62 years old and it’s hard to lose this guy we’re both the exact same age and his mother used to do my books we call him Mac his name is Todd my name is Steve and turn the volume up make sure it’s coming clear to the audience very important Zac Brown Band free Into the Mystic live version using speech text and I don’t believe in grammar LOL

This song helped me through the darkest time in my life. My favorite song by Tool :purple_heart:

Do you really understand what he did. I would like to dm you. This is on a different level

I’d love to hear your response to NIN - Love is Not Enough.

Would you be willing to do Severed by Mudvayne and Cradle by Mudvayne :>

ty for taking effort to understand, welcome and enjoy the journey :heart:

Wow, you got it!!! ive been listening to Tool since their first album, old old fan… but damn you got it girl :sunglasses:

We have 46 chromosomes. 23 from each parent. Other than that, carry on.

The oldest patterns are necessary for survival

Since you like progressive rock/metal I highly highly highly suggest checking out any song from Circa Survive’s second album On Letting Go. It’s a concept album about eliminating pain. Circa is one of if not the most underrated rock band ever.

0:34 AH, the classic bait my father and I would fall for over and over. Tool song is soft, we amp up the volume. When you have the music loud enough to hear the whisper, your ears will be pranked once the screaming begins. I love it.
Tool will master their songs to have such a wide range of volume. No issue having sections nearly inaudible and others painful.

When you reveal the meaning around the 4:40 sec mark , there are sirens in the background…those are demonic Freemasons who don’t approve of your conscious insight…trust me