Therapist Reacts to Forty Six and 2 by Tool

“edifice complex”…

For context the song was written about the fear that Maynard had that he would repeat the same circle of abuse he grew up with to his, at that time, new born son.

The song is essentially a promise to to his son.

Quick correction, we have 46 chromosomes. 23 from each parent

Aenima and H are both great songs by Tool, give them a listen

“Clearing out what could have been.”

Most important line for me.

“Comtemplate what I’ve been cling to.”

What in my past disapointed me to the point that justifies a disappointing future?

You should really take a look at Lateralus.

1:16 * 46, most people have 46. Though some do have 44 and are symptom free.

I seem to seek partnerships with people that have the qualities that bothered me most about my parents. I think I do this so that I figure why it bothers me so much, mostly about how I react to certain controlling behavior. I hate the idea of being controlled but out of respect I will let someone have power over me by not fighting for an equal share, but I am finding that those types of people are showing me how schizphrenic my father was and no one in my family really acknowledged it. Howevr now I am in a relationship with a schizophrenic person but they are getting better. But am I?

I think shes closer to what Maynard was getting at then most ever are

Really The Grudge??? A life changer IS Lateralus!!! Really listen when he says:
I embrace my desire to… I almost got that tatted around my whole body in Rune text!!!

I think this song has gotten me thru some ish…this somg has some deep meaning too alot of ppl

See my shadow changing
Stretching up and over me
Soften this old armor
Hoping i can clear the way by
Stepping through my shadow
Coming out the other side
Step into the shadow
46 & 2 are just ahead of me

I spend my life helping people. Being torn down by the people who have everything. I am grateful that I can make my life. You are new to me but I will possibly make it to watch you more. I’m sorry for any thoughts I had to leave your channel from the beginning

That automatic stank face whenever you hear a groovy music line.

I have been clinging to my inability to trust people. I am always keeping people at an arms distance as I wait for them to stab me in the back. I live in constant fear of the next foot dropping to crush everything I’ve worked for, as happened over and over before. I believe it’s just a matter of time.

True artistry. Tool is a band above so many other artists. This song for me is an articulate expression of what we all need to face , overcome and push through to continue to grow and mature

Okay, am I the only one wondering what in the world is that on her mic? I mean. Um. Loved her groove. I am still watching her pretty eyes. I mean what the heck is that? Dang it. <3 Still LOOK AT IT!!! LoL Good job with video

We have 46 lady. Never knew about the 2, evolution wise. Thanks will study it. Semper Fi

I would love to see you react to 46&2 kids version, The girl singing gives the song a really different interpretation.

I think she just became a Tool fan. When the chorus hit, it hit her like it hits me, and I’ve been a Tool fan since 1993.