Therapist Reacts to Forty Six and 2 by Tool

surely she had the lyrics pulled up while listening to this? I’ve been listening to it since it came out and still can’t understand all the lyrics :laughing:

I would love to see a reaction to Prison Sex and the themes contained in it

A Perfect Circle The Package…

This song to me represents a microcosm of what everything Tool is about at the macro level. To me, Tool’s discography (from a lyrical perspective, but the music does also support) represents the entire journey of enlightenment. Their first album is just raw emotion and anger and then as time goes on Maynard documents his journey of overcoming that lower state of consciousness and how it no longer serves him, all the way from raw emotion and anger to a state of enlightenment. It’s incredible art.

You should listen to Right in two by tool

Roses are red, violets are blue, when I listen to Tool, my neighbors do too.

Open those windows and spread the Gospel according to Tool

It’s awesome watching you outright get into it. I just wasn’t expecting that. I always picture therapists (and my little experience with them) being literally clinical, get to the facts and interpret.

She had immediate stank face…