Therapist Reacts to Freak on a Leash by Korn

So these people weren’t alive when this song blasted everywhere? lol

I’m sure that the edge of the rocks appearing to align due to camera angles and the canvas wrapping, yet the waterline horizon being uneven is probably for psychologically therapeutic reasons.

You’re mega cool and are plain stellar at lyrical and thematic analasis. Cheers :slight_smile: :clinking_glasses:

“falling away from me” starts where this one ended, just fyi.

these explanations are something I never seen…I really like these.i never thought about these songs the way she is explaining them.My english is not good yes,but still she is very smart

Holy sh*t! That’s an interesting theory about Korn’s gibberish. Check out ‘TWIST’ and see what you think, :thinking:

In 2017-ish, my dad’s girlfriend took me and my brother to see Rammstein in Vegas, Korn opened for them. Before that concert, my brother didnt see why i liked Korn. Afterwards, he said Korn was great – live. Lol. Was a great fucking concert, to be fair.

I really like your interpretation of the speaking in tongues section!

The video is really excellent in ways nobody would catch on first watch. Yes, it’s “Hey we have this tech we’d like to play with,” but there’s more and I think you’d LOVE it. Here’s the run down from this OG KoRn fan:

So, the song is about how his music is essentially him splaying out his pain for artistic expression… and money. And how that money starts to really screw it up because record companies and the industry as a whole (which was arguably at the height of its explicit oppressiveness in those days because it basically functioned like Hollywood) just want to beat singles out of you for their own financial gain. To an extent, you’re their trained monkey, and when your monkey trick is to unveil your worst, most painful moments (as in a lot of KoRn’s songs), you can start to feel like you’re their sideshow. $18 to come hear the freak on a leash, and they’ll be in town next August if you have $60 to spare.

The natural question you might have after interpreting those lyrics is: “Damn! Why even make music then?”

In the video, the kids at the start are playing in a childlike, cartoon space. The girl is carelessly hop scotching on the edge. The reasonable adult who tries to protect her accidentally discharges a bullet at her (trauma), which reeks havoc in the real world. It eventually reaches Jon Davis, in some sort of manifested world of the image of KoRn hanging on the walls of a fan’s room. The number of bullet holes in this room make it clear this isn’t the first bullet that’s made its way here. He digs for his most primal music and turns the bullet around on the world. By the time it gets back to the little girl, the trauma has been neutralized to a controllable state. Even the little girl is able to stop the bullet now, and she carefully and respectfully returns it to the adult before going off to play some more

THIS is why Jonathan Davis continues to make music: Unfurling his very real pain to the world might make him a freak, but it helps others cope with their own trauma

How come you call your ppl “clients” vs “patient”? Is it just a legal formality with whatever license/certificate you have? I’m just curious :blush:

with GO…the wall broken​:heart::heart_eyes::drum:

Not batman stuff…

I once created something that to proof myself that I can, my vision is open, I got more confident and have purpose of life knowing atleast what I love to do. Then I messed up, got humiliate, aggravated on my mistake, decline my apologise, judge me who I am , got rejected and kick out while I confused what the f is going on. Deep down I feel from what happened is unfair that I don’t have human right to fight back and explain, I don’t have skill to know right time and right place back then so I been naive on bully but put my anger on the one who care me instead. All I can do to ease my pain from past trauma is blame people back then it’s they fault. But another part of me still want to believe it’s not that person fault.
Idk, I confused with these feeling, is it’s a sign that I should forget about them because deep down Idk what intention why they be good to me or should I still believe that person all what happened is just misunderstood and hope that we can understand one day. But that day will never come since I can’t contract that person anymore, last conversation is a heavy right side, maybe I want to talk with them again with the difference perspective, apologise again and hearing that they receive my apologise. What ever the end is, so I can move forward without throw away my dream together with my past.

i think it was about him being raped…

I think him being used is more of the meaning of Yall Want a Single

this is the type of content creator that we need in this world right now. you are a fantastic reactor and a breath of fresh air, keep up the positivity!

Thank you!..


Listen to “twist” really short. You hear the gibberish.
And review “Kiss” from KoЯn. I don’t think there is a video but it’s on of there softer songs. Just wanna here how you fell out that song. I love how you hear all this:)

Korn - “Daddy”

Not “hey daddy”.