Therapist reacts to Hail To the King by Avenged Sevenfold

According to M Shadows, the ‘king’ is just an interchangeable authority figure who rules with fear that you may despise, but realize it wouldn’t be wise to resist when he’s at full strength. It’s about waiting for your moment patiently, in the shadows, and striking out when they’re finally vulnerable or have led you to ruin

Hail to the king… or else.

Y are u just doing a reaction video to this song when it’s been out seems like forever

anything off of the City of Evil album is a banger :metal:t2::fire::beers:

You have to do literally all of the songs on the nightmare album, it’s a masterpiece of grief and pain

Please react to sleeping with sirens- talking to myself

It could be interesting

One of my favorite songs absolute banger :fire:

Omg you totally look like a house of dragons character.

So Far Away, Nightmare, Afterlife, MIA, these are songs you NEED to react to!

Witches Bridles should be brought back in service for all those Ladies that don’t know how to act like ‘Ladies’ anymore !

I have a iron maiden song for you to react to iits off of powerslave .
It’s titled back in the village ( it touches on p.t.s d. After war specifically bombers pilots) I’d like to see you take on that song.

If you have not you should watch the history channels series vikings. yes i am the king .hahaha

I know its a newer song. But Mattel would be an amazing interaction to see whats pulled from that. Stay safe everyone❤

Miss, I feel you are misinterpreting the song. This is what all kings did back then. Hell, instead of armies charging each other in battle, fighting man to man, now it is who has the most bombs. The orphans, dead hanging in the street to be adored, cutting off a tongue or off with your head. These were enemies to the crown whom the people cheered until the empire crumbled. The mob is satiated with blood and will soon lose to another force which is why the king is nothing but a skeleton smoking from the flames of war. Look at Ancient Rome. The coliseum brought some entertainment and forgetfulness to the sons dying in war. The French Revolution, how many people were put to death by being sent “To The Guillotine”(watch oversimplified, best quote ever). People at first just fake snitched on people they hated. We as a society have not grown because we all blindly focus on useless things. We are children with keys dangling over us. We need to change and to quote the Hound from Game of Thrones, we need to say “Fuck The King!”

Hail to the King is too good for House of The Dragon. If they ever make a Souls movie or series, this song will fit perfectly. I’m trying to write it, but I can’t write. I can just describe each scene that should happen

Sorry, as a history major when you said “I can’t believe they did that, thats horrible” I couldn’t help but think, “You sweet innocent thing, you haven’t even scratched the surface.” Humans can be horrendous to one another.

Who do you think the “KING” is? Not who you think.

The opening guitar riff is my ring tone

Next avenged sevenfold - buried alive pls

I would love to see a therapist react to: Avenge sevenfold - «a little piece of heaven» :smile: