Therapist reacts to Happy? by Mudvayne

please do more mudvayne…

Middle school let’s goooooo

This song helped me voice my emotions while going through my first divorce. I’m 7 months on the other side of my 2nd divorce and this song is on repeat in my head 24/7. Not helping so much this time around.

Should have listened to dig or nothing to gein

Saw these guys a couple months ago with coal chamber supporting, coal chamber blew them out of the water to be honest

Just happened upon your channel this morning. Watched your reactions to Jinjer “Pisces” and Mudvayne “Happy?”. Spot on interpretations! Suggestion for another band to react to would be Finnish band Wheel with their track “Vultures”. It delves into the predatory nature of humans, how people in power, actual or perceived, interact with others and how it affects all. I’ve interpreted it mostly as a commentary on cancel culture and its inherent negativity. Curious what your interpretation would be. Here’s the link for you:

You would probably enjoy some of the songs from Chads (lead singer) other band HellYeah like Hush, Moth and others :slight_smile:
But you also have World so Cold, Death Blooms, Not Falling, Shadow of a Man, and Forget to Remember just to name a few other MuDvAyNe tracks

for me and a friend this song really hits home, not to a relationship but the struggle with alcohol. It’s like there are two different people and the sober one is screaming on the inside. stay strong everyone!

I’ve been listening to Mudvayne since high school, was lucky enough to see them in 2003 w/ Deftones, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and Metallica. Hoping to see them again soon (missed them recently when they were nearby)

Listen to nothing to gein. The ozzfest 2001 video gives me goosebumps at the end.

Nothing to gein next…

New here?..

Death blooms by mudveyne? Think about it😊

Not even their best song.

I saw mudvayne live at the rave yesterday

I don’t like this review.

you really need to listen to DIG or Moth from mudvayne