Therapist reacts to Happy? by Mudvayne

No more now. I have learned what i was doing wrong and trust that won’t happen again

I was involved in a relationship with a woman who we promised to ourselves and the higher power that we’d always be together, thick or thin. Completely made me feel wanted and happy from someone for the first time in my life. Then a few months later just completely left me. No reason, just left. So this song really drove home how I felt in a nushell.

this is genuinely one of my favorite songs, the way its melodic and and heavy at the same time. I also like how rock and metal tackels sadness and mental illness in such a raw way (like this song)

One of my favorite Empowering songs by Mudvayne is “Determined” (uncensored version). You will LOVE the message in this song…

Oxygen Waster till I Die. These guys got me through things therapy could only dream of helping with

“Are you f***in’ happy, now that I’ve lost every nothing!?” Man…

Idk how I got to this channel but wow… that is a therapist I could go to

I haven’t been happy in 13 years

Would love to see a video on hush by hellyeah same lead singer first time I heard that song damn near brought me to tears

I gave my ex wife everything, while she ranaround on me when I worked night shift, with 3 children and paid child support, I wasn’t Happy!!!

Glad the butterfly was ok…damn

Mudvayne music is so relateabe . Chad is my favorite :heart: its like having someone who understands. Music is the soul!

This song got me out of depression!!!

I’d like you to review the Gorefather Scum’s music. He’s one of my favorite independent underground rappers.

I doubt half the people on here, including her, even know why Mudvayne calls themselves Mudvayne…

Sorry this song is only the lonely du

I wish u was my therapist these scars keep ripping open

Staind - Blow Away!!!..