Therapist reacts to Happy? by Mudvayne

Chad’s other band, Hellyeah has a song called “Hush”. It will slay your heart.

Butterfly effect :butterfly:

My. Favorite song :fist_right::heart::fist_left::metal: Great deep lyrics :heart:

The crossover between Mudvayne fans and Maggots is quite high. I think you probably know that already though just based on that great video you put out the other day.

IMO this song is a question to the music industry about selling out their “sound” … which they totally did. DIG was them stating Fuck YOU. So you can see the cyclical nature.

1 of my top 5 bands been a fan since the beginning & seeing your reactions while listening to this is just freaking awesome ,,:heart:,/

Mudvayne is rabbit hole you can down and not come up for a WHILE! this band and many of their messages are heavy!

U kind of look like Shannon Guns the lead singers wife, that’s a compliment btw!

I love the juxtaposition of them being dressed in black singing this song in a field of flowers and butterflies.

Hey can you react to the song “Nothing for me here” by dope. I’ve always liked it, and Always sort of resonated with it, just curious your thoughts on it

ah yes i remember this in mx vs atv lol

Mudvayne was my therapist for a very long way and had helped me through very difficult times until these days

This seems like an amazing woman.

If you want listen to “Poop Loser” by mudvayne. Not really a typical song but I think it’s perfect for what you do. I love your channel and what you’re doing here. New subscribers.

The majority of this song is actually him talking to himself, Its him asking his inner-self if hes happy now, realizing what hes done to himself, tearing himself apart, putting himself in a hole

Bow Down by I Prevail…

I literally made a playlist on Spotify thats 90% Mudvayne and listen to it more than anything else

Journey of a 1000 miles is one my favorites and all of ld50 .when i fisrt discover them after my dad died. this band is my all time favorite , helped me in dark times

You need to react to death blooms, that’s a deep song.

Should check out Seether- Tongue and Love her.