Therapist reacts to Happy? by Mudvayne

Good songs forget to remember by mudvayne and love falls from hell yeah

The hell yeah song hush. Is the same lead singer. Different band. I cry every time I watch it. I’m not sure the connection it has to me but I break down every time I hear it.

I don’t know if it’s been mentioned but you could also check out Hell Yeah. Same singer and great songs

Saw Mudvayne during their reunion in Mansfield at Inkcarceration with KSE and Slipknot and others. I never felt so much joy than in that crowd. Metalheads sometimes get this rep of being dark and brooding but we feel everything so strongly and that bonding of music within each other, knowing we are not alone in our feelings, can bring us out of the darkness so well

Thanks for covering mudvayne. As someone who appears “non-metal” on the surface its great that you took time to validate their music, message, and lyrics, and the power of it. People, especially those of us who love music, feel everything so deeply and its great that all those feelings and the music we love are valid.

Also, thank you for your message! Very well done!

This song reminded me of scraped off from a narcissistic relationship

This chick is f*cking cool! I bet she would be awesome in bed! :joy::man_shrugging:. I been jamming Mudvayne since before they were big time. Peoria, IL representing!

i like dead inside as well… “the pain is real”

You should listen to “Nothing to Gein” by Mudvayne. I think that would be great for a therapist reaction video.

one of my all time favourite songs
i would love to know how many times ive listened to it since my friend made me listen to it in high schoo

This song hit extra hard after I got a divorce. I always loved it, but it had so much more meaning after that.

You are the therapist I need. Ive watched like 4 of your videos before thisnone and this one got me to comment and think.

You should react to Liar from Rollins Band

Seen them live when they got back together an it was straight up amazing look into their ld 50 album

yeah Doc🤘…

I’m no therapist, but I figured that one out.

Happy? is also a song from Misery Loves Co.

If your looking for a personal mudvayne song look at imn. One of my go to songs if I feel like breaking things.

Mudvayne Scarlett Letters. Fuckin great song.

This is what happened to me. When the other person says “I give and give and give and your still not happy”. Me “I didn’t ask for it” and then pure anger set’s in like I did something horrible. The value on the things we do for each other are not the same to both of us. Doing 10 thing’s for me and ignoring the one thing I asked for is not OK.