Therapist reacts to Happy? by Mudvayne

Check out “Not Falling” or “Death Blooms”. Those were my absolute favorites and both helped me deal with the loss of my mother in 2007.

This world is a greedy piece of shit and I hope I’m blown to the wind what a piece of trash the world is, a piece of trash.

another song by Chad Grey would be Hush by Hellyeah great song really depressing lyrically and that it needs to exist but great song

This any man’s standpoint, in a relationship, but it’s never enough. Everything is on our shoulders, and it’s never enough. But your companion is never happy. And then the others use children against you.

Well my first 2 and only relationships I made the mistake of changing myself to try to make them happy. It utterly destroyed me, and I’ve spent the last 7 years trying to put myself back together before ever trying again, and now that I’ve finally become comfortable with being unapologetically who I am, it seems to late to try again, I don’t recognize anything with how the world works now.

Please do Poetic Tragedy by the used

If you dig Mudvayne, you should also check out Moth by Hellyeah

One of the most powerful lines I’ve heard in a song was that last verse.

“Left with a heart exhausted. What’s my release? What sets me free? Do you pull me up just to push me down again”

I was in a marriage that I felt like this, and it truly still hurts hearing that last verse.