Therapist reacts to Hope by NF

11:12 Here comes a Fly😂…

Cool fact, during the “30 years” bit he listed 30 different things. :slightly_smiling_face:

And the album closes with “Running” during which the final chorus pulses 30 drum beats.

How have you gone over a year without hearing this wow I’m jealous

Thank you so much I needed to hear this today thank you thank you thank you so so much.

I recommended this and I’m glad you are finally here

So, the caged old man with the keys is a reference to “Outcast.” It’s an older video of his, but the Easter egg means more here

I’m going through this and have been going through this for a while but this year is a little worse because I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom and I don’t know what to do next, turned to prayer, tried fasting but apparently I’m lacking love so I won’t be able to connect to the Lord :sob: this hurts because I don’t have anything else. I feel nothing most times, I don’t remember what felt or is. I’m fighting but I’m losing. If anyone has advice please shoot​:cry:

NF has been my top artist for the last 4 years or even more. i love him and the work he puts to add the emotion and make his songs relatable

I LOVE your reactions. PLEASE take the full NF journey. 99% of all his songs have a hidden meaning. And I’m sure all Outcasts will be able to provide the journey list.

Why do you look exactly like my therapist??
(Also very good vid)

@heartsupport This came at a good time. Thank you. You hit a lot of points on the head. Hope…tends to be difficult to obtain and keep, I’m working now on healing and trying to hope, but there is so much doubt. I’m so used to fighting internally. Life has been fighting in the guise of healing, until I reached a point to notice the self-deceit. During the “30 years of” section, it breaks a bit of me every time i hear it.

Mama next
Then go back to remember this
My stress
Let me go
Interlude and hate myself react to both on same video
Like this
Just like you
Then rest of hope album

Just saw him live in Detroit last night, and if he comes on tour near you, you owe it to yourself to go see him. Absolutely amazing.

Hidden easter eggs (from @crypts video)

at the beginnigng he is “drifting”

Piano note followed by dark stirngs (battle thru music)

white clothes show up in the search album many times

Paid my dues says “its confusing so amusing how i ARGUE WITH MYSELF”

Paddle on the boat thingy is in Lost

My album stuff is him arguing himself

Whats your definion of sucess is his question answered that was aske in Why song

“Dark Nf” leaded him into circles

The map to hope from the search

The fictioal grenade he threw at “dark nf” could be a call back to real. " My musin is mine blowin"

Mansion call back (duh)

Transtion like clouds video

The room with balloons is the “room full of regrets its just getting fuller it seems” from mansion

Old man dfrom other vids

a few minor things but thats the gist of it

Yall sorry this was rushed so my spelling was bad

I ugly cried through the last part the first time I heard this. I had just taken a huge step out of my comfort zone and started toward a lifelong dream. That less confident voice is still there, but it’s more of a whisper these days.

ever since mansion released, it was the song that explained so much of my mental state from childhood till a month or so ago, where i’ve been fighting to heal and this song is now my current point in life

Nf has been my therapist for a dozen years now. God bless NF! The Best Rapper Alive!

Reminds me of the story of the 2 wolves inside of us; the good and the bad. Where what ever one you feed more wins.

Also when he references listening to mansion on repeat I’m not sure if he’s referencing the one song or the entire album since that’s also what it’s called.

he is holding to map to hope, seen it?