Therapist reacts to Hope by NF

I feel this. Every time I feel like breaking out of the cell of my mind I hear a voice saying what about this?

I have LOVED watching you discover him and seeing all your reactions to hearing these songs for the first time, becoming a real fan, and putting the connections together :face_holding_back_tears:🩶 you can tell how much you’re genuinely SHOOK by how good this stuff is, as we all always are, but it’s always so great to see someone new discover NF, and appreciate his art for the underrated masterpiece that it reallyy & truly is :face_holding_back_tears::smiling_face::white_heart:

suffuring alone…

the map to hope…

Love this song, i’ve been struggling with mental health for so long that somedays i feel hopeless like ill never get better :pensive: today has been one of those days… where hope is hard to grasp
NF has been my therapy today :heart:and additionally Thank you for your videos

You can see the “bad” nf has his black hoodie on under the white shirt and face painted like a clown. I think the white shirt over the black hoodie represents the old him covering his pain (black hoodie) with a fasade of happiness (white shirt) and the painted face means he was a “clown/silly” for tryin to hide his pain instead of letting it go (letting go of the black hoodie/pain, notice the good NF who is arguing back is no longer wearing/hiding the black hoodie/pain under his white shirt/hope.

You are on point. Although the camera switching is very distracting. It maybe my ocd and adhd conflicting. keep doing you though.

You definitely need to react to running. When he played it live the emotion in the crowd was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before

You can do a whole month’s worth of videos on NF and I’m here for it

Sometimes I think you are crazy when laugh :joy::joy:

Brilliant, ty for caring for the ones left behind. I’m coming off a dozen years of isolation. Trying to heal, reaching… and that voice is strong asking me why?? What do you have…what could someone want with you? You’re right also, the more you hope, the louder it gets… wanting to retreat. Ty for listening @heartsupport

You need to listen to the rest of his songs they’re all incredible.

You can do motto and running???

Yep, you definitely earn a sub. Probably the best NF reactor I’ve seen, and I watch pretty much all of them, lol.

I’ve listened, watched video, watched reactions many times. But for some reason I got chills watching your reaction to the song/video in the beginning.

@HeartSupport This song means the world to me. This song and the Lord are the only reason I made it through last year. I was at that rock bottom and somehow it kept getting deeper. I made really poor choices as a young man and had a son at 19. I’ve had to watch my son have essentially the same relationship NF had with his mother, at least really close. Constantly having to battle my son’s mother through so many legal struggles to keep him safe had several hindered my growth as an individual and in my career. While every ounce of energy was worth it to get my son out of that incredibly dark place. It left me completely feeling worthless and as I was trapped in a dead end sales job not being able to make the jump to where I had studied to be in finance.

I was at the end last year I had spent years trying to make the leap into finance and I kept getting told I was unqualified or I didn’t live in the right place. Over and over again somehow I got a role in finance and it has been extremely difficult because it has required moving to another city which we couldn’t afford directly and not too mention the continuous legal battles having over me with my ex anytime I try to make a potential change. So while I’m in that growth to be so much more mentally healthy. I am constantly still getting that fear yelling at me that I’m making a massive mistake because I’m separated from my family so frequently. Yet, I constantly have to tell it to shut up because what would my family rather have: what we have today or nothing at all? Because I had convinced myself if I didn’t get this role after some 25+ rejections already I was going to find a way to make my death look like an accident so they would still get my life insurance policy.

So, yes you can make it through and I pray anyone else struggling through it will see NF and myself as examples of that. His music is so beautiful and intricate.

I’m an optimist who can’t help but hope. I’m so used to disappointment I almost expect it at this point. I don’t know, it hurts but it hurts a little less every time I guess.

React to ALG Blazer, RGM Retro - Seahawk Colors Pt. 2 :fire::fire::fire:

Nf is the reason im still here

the end is so fuffing powerfull, I love how he fights his “demon” and just keeps singing, leaving the demon no chance to say something, but changing to acknowledg/listen to the demon and reacting to what it says, contradicting it.