Therapist reacts to Hot To Be Me by Ren Ft Chinchilla

It’s important to know that was recorded on the bridge where Joe took his life.

Chinchilla’s pain also comes from a really abusive relationship that she has managed to break away from. Both of these artists bring so much of that emotion into their performances in their music. They are truly blessed musicians to be able to turn such a negative into such sad but also positive music :heart:

This one makes me ball my eyes out every time :heart:

I can’t get enough of the vocalist’s powerful and haunting voice​:metal: Do yourself a favor and listen to Nick Thurl Mavromatis’ new song. React to it, please :metal:

Crutch is just beautiful. It was done with his girlfriend at the time Bibi. It’s just art.

Awesome reaction!!! Love your take on Ren’s art!! Take your time, but please, if you can, react to Ren’s Defining Success video. It is 5 minutes long and just a speeach that will stand the test of time! Believe me! :heart:

Good honest reaction, Ren is an amazing talent and I’m glad more people continue to find him.
Noticed you’ve made vids on NF as well, heads-up, most people who listen to these two usually end up discovering Falling in Reverse. Songs like: “Popular Monster” or “Voices in my Head” could use a therapist’s perspective.

Edit: looking further down the vid list, slipknot, SoaD, Spirit box … I’m surprised you haven’t found them already

Chinchilla is incredible - check out Fingers live for Hunger TV and Little Girl Gone

I mean my life has been rough, single mom working 3 jobs to make it work my half brother and sister leaving before I was 12. My dad passed recently and my 16 year younger brother passing last year… I have a great family 5 Wonderful kids and an amazing wife but no friends and what little I had left is just lost. My wife doesn’t understand and my kids don’t know but it hurts just to be awake most days. I don’t know what to do or where to go. I love ren he has spoken what I cannot for so long. My best friend is still alive but drugs and alcohol took him years ago. I struggle just to survive my life isnt in her head like I am I feel so alone and I trudge on just so my wife and kids are happy and feel even a bit of the happiness and love I felt growing up. I love the USA and what it’s supposed to be but I don’t feel like I belong here anymore, or at all. I just want to be useful and I want everyone to be happy and live better but fuck life hurts. I love you all and know you aren’t alone.

Every day, at least once, I feel this way… How do I keep going? I am a suic*de “survivor”. I was engaged to someone who took his own life. We will never completely recover from that loss… all of us who loved him. But I never ever ever want to be the cause of that kind of pain. My spirituality and my spouse are what has most recently saved my life… Today, I find 5 things every day as reasons to stick around. Some days are easier than others.

@heartsupport I relate to that feeling of everything hurting, and not knowing my own identity. I live that way everyday, yet I have no big event like losing someone to explain it. All I know or identify with is negativity and pain. I commented before in the “Hi Ren” video reaction that I cannot find that positive voice inside me, all I have is the negative. I continue to try therapists, but so far, none have dug past the walls my mind constructed through my whole life. Each day is a struggle to go on, and although I’m unlikely to off myself, I hope that something will end me (the universe, “God”, perhaps a meteor with pinpoint accuracy targeted on me).

@HeartSupport I absolutely love you have discovered Ren. Please please react to FOR JOE especially since you reacted to sucde already. Also DEAR GOD and CRUTCH. Especially CRUTCH it is an amazing song.

Very nice video and comments, thank you :slight_smile: been going through your channel and picking out some really good stuff. I love Ren and NF they are really powerful with their story and message. Something different for music, try The interrupters with alien, preferably with the live version. It gives me goosebumps every time…

Im not sure if i forgot how to be me or if ive never been me in the first place. I realy love this song.

@HeartSupport I can think of a few Hatebreed songs you might like, Live For This, Perseverance, and Destroy Everything.

Inlive your channel. :black_heart:

I survived a suicide attempt in my teens. Since then I have been through two divorces, lost a child, and watched my partners go through two miscarriages. All I ever wanted to be was a father and one month after giving an adoption agency 20k my wife decides she doesn’t want to adopt and three months later I’m divorced and 52. Which in this state means I am too old to adopt. So why am I here? The only thing I ever wanted I will never have. The point is missed on me. Why did I survive that attempt to just suffer loss after loss?

I believe the bridge they are singing on is the bridge that Ren’s friend ended his life on and this song is a form of tribute to his friend Joe. Which makes this live performance all the more meaningful.

have you done chalk outlines live yet? its another chinchilla calab

I love her already.
Whelp, time to binge watch another reactor i guess lol
Cant wait!