Therapist reacts to Hot To Be Me by Ren Ft Chinchilla

I think of this song in terms of the Book of Lamentations.

id like to ask if you could do something a little different and react to Ren’s speech on success when he made 1M subscribers on youtube.

id love to hear your take and perspective on this as a therapist :slight_smile:

Freckled angels is a tribute to Joe, I think it would fit your channel very well

Chalk outlines next please

Thank you for your amazing reaction, looking forward to the next video!

I would love it if you could also react to “For Joe” by Ren, which is the song he wrote for the friend he lost

i lost myself because of things done to me when I was 15 and i lost my friend to suicide when i was 16

After 2 failed attempts, drug induced coma, along with a childhood that would make the devil wince. Ren has been an emotional wedge keeping me going. Keeps my body moving. And since around the game of 12/13. I forgot who I was, how to be truly happy and with the level of medication I am terrified to what I would become if I stopped. Even though I want to, as I feel nothing anymore. And my friend took his own life and I couldn’t save him too
Sorry for the dump

PLEASE do Chalk Outlines next! It’s stunning and as much as I love How To Be Me, I think Chalk Outlines is better.

i’m not sure i qualify but most of the time i feel i would be more compfortable with the stench of being surrounded by corpses then having to say “hi” to people…

When I first heard this song, I was in an abusive relationship and it spoke to me. The song gave me strength to come back to “me”.