Therapist reacts to Hot To Be Me by Ren Ft Chinchilla

When we lost my brother I lost myself and I still don’t know who I am. I feel like I go through life in a daze and no longer even know my loved ones… can you please react to Ren’s song Crutch? I’ve struggled with suicidal thoughts since I was a child… but when we lost my brother it changed even that part of me and made life even more confusing. Knowing someone else feels my pain… both physical and emotional, hurts but is also comforting.

I lost my husband two and a half years ago, I can relate :heart:

I had a few times where I couldnt think of going forward. But I am still here, it is thanks to some people and a lot of work, but Im pretty much fine nowerdays. It was 8 years ago, but I still feel like I dont want to forget where I came from and that Im living my second life as some others call it. I dont think I could ever forget that time, that pain I felt back then, I am sometimes a bit sad, because the person that safed me is not in my life anymore, he lifes, but it was his job to safe me. I would like to get in touch with him, but I am none of his business anymore, this thought of not beeing able to show gratitude sometimes is making me feel pain. But life is going on, and it is not bad. Some things happend after my tries, that I now would be sad to have missed.

This song hit me like a brick as I’ve never heard overwhelming loss and depression described so accurately (and beautifully)

My best friend lost the fight with himself last November. A part of myself was lost with him that day. It’s been the hardest thing for me to cope with. I try the best I can to move forward and live life to fullest. I feel I have this small responsibility to live it for the both of us now.

My mother died when I was 6 months old to a brain tumor, one the myself and my older brother also got. My brother died at 25 to the same thing. 5 years later I’m now 20 and feel like there’s nothing in the world worth going through this much pain when I could instead join them early and stop feeling so lost in everything and pointless in everything I do. I will never be capable of ending my own life, but I often wish I was.

Chalk outlines is fantastic. Another superb hitter is Seven Sins - it blew me away…

Although it isn’t a suicide, the death of my toddler daughter hit and stripped me in a similar manner. Knocked me to my core. Still, after 34 years, I am not as I was. Still, I have not recovered the loss of faith. I could say that loss is loss, BUT that is the furthest from reality. My view and reaction to death was so drastically flipped because of her death, that many have called me heartless. I’m not the same person now and I don’t know to be any other way now

It feels like everything i love is gone, that everything that attaches to me is wrong. I feel like simply do not belong.

My wrong cant be good and my good cannot be wrong while my inner dialect tells me me f this song. It makes me feel I was i wrong all along.

We went green on green to green on blue, friendly fire between me and you. Then it went to green on red now i have an enemy in my bed.

What if you get to the point where not even pain can you feel? Genuine question.

I had a friend who took his own life. He wasn’t my best friend. We weren’t super close just friendly, We’d chat and have a drink with each other in the pub on occasion. The last time i seen him we were in a pub and he was stuffing his face with a fry up. I had no clue he was going to do what he did. I won’t go into the details but he left the pub looking like he was ok. His mother was the one who sounded the alarm and another friend found him and still has nightmares til this day over it. It changed him entirely. For me it took a few months of trying to understand what he did and why he did it. At first i felt guilt for not being able to see it. Then sorrow for losing him. Then anger at why he could he do this. Then conflicted. It was too much but i was just a casual friend. His best mate who found him was cursed by what he seen.

I just wish he’d told us what he was dealing with instead of laughing and joking and eating his fry up. I wish he’d cried instead


I’m having mental health struggles rn. My therapist is off this week, and I have 2 appointments next week, but I’ve been hit hard.

On the heels of the online Memorial Service I just hosted for an online friend’s suicide…

My sister decided to tell me the reason she drank 3 glasses of anti-freeze 8 years ago was my fault. After 8 years of her not giving my family a reason.

I spent all 3 days she was in the ICU with her, awake while she was unconscious.

I just… I’m Event Co-ordinator for the online group I mentioned earlier and… I’m supposed to be the happy one who celebrates everything and is supportive of everyone.

But, how can I, if I actually caused my little sister to attempt?

I know everyones saying it, but Chalk Outlines is SO good!